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Among key questions of hyipee while entering this business is: what are main income sources of hyips? In most cases a web site of program provides only some general facts about the real business it deals with, you might even throw discredit upon their verity. But anyway, we may stand out most common:

  • Forex foreign exchange market investments;
  • Stoke trades ;
  • Commercial betting;
  • Sport betting;
  • Investing into high yield business (including other hyips);
  • Import and export of different deficient goods (oil, gold etc);

Consolidating participants funds, hyips stewardship use them as working capital. Then, after investing funds into high yield projects, they make their profit taxed free by using off-shore zones. At the end they create enough revenue in order to support & expand hyip's activity and withdraw interests of hyipees.

Of course except gathering in stops on foreign exchange markets, there are lots of investment opportunities, for example by playing on arbitrage between betting offices. Dozens of literature about the profit-making arbitrage situations are written by professors of advanced mathematics & successful businessmen in that sphere.

Another way of making commitments by hyips owners are marginal funds, which are operating activity in providing leverage for broker's office clients on financial markets.

Many high yield programs are making business by just analyzing activity of other hyips, attended by further investing and gambling on difference in interest rates. That's the reason why often hyips are not transparent. But that has not affects on regularity of withdrawals and honesty of hyip. Such derivatives are risky, but accommodated with high returns. And since investing into such projects are closely connected with much risks, you need to follow certain rules.

Nowadays there are tons of hyips with proposal rate of returns on up to 50% per day. Guess you all understand fugacity of such projects, and that they are nothing else but gimmick. The result - dependence on interest rate and hyip life cycle. Hyips of more than a year might be honorary labeled as long-livers.

“Every white has its black, and every sweet its sour” - cheaters are everywhere, especially concerning economic affairs, but that is not the reason of denying the whole financial phenomena of hyips, of course. We can not deny the fact that some participants are loosing their capitals, but at the same time some people multiply it! And the thing is not about their luck or in just chancing. There are just a couple of rules which a worth learning and by following them you will guarantee yourself break-even result participation in hyips. That is why we exist, just to let you know about them...hyipnews.com!

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