Updated: 06/08/2010 14:14
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Strange things are happening with CherryShares ( and two wellknown monitorings lately. First suddenly lowered the rating of...

Strange things are happening with CherryShares ( and two well-known monitorings lately. First suddenly lowered the rating of one of its former favorites to zero without any explanations on the part of admin. He even sent a warning letter asking its readers not to invest in CherryShares.

Administration of the program in question in its turn produced an explanatory newsletter claiming these unethical actions of were caused by the fact that CherryShares bought advertising with their competitor MNO.

Commentary of MNO admin surprised us as well. He claims he had never spoke to CherryShares administration as well as didn't sell advertising to them and added the program to MNO list on numerous requests of readers having invested his own money with the program:

The admin of CherryShares also surprised me with his update and a man with whom I have never had a conversation with in my life states that CherryShares paid for advertising on MNO which is not the case as I joined with my own money simply because of the many requests from readers. I tried to contact him a year ago offering him monitoring on my blog but never even received a polite rejection from him. So what's the hidden agenda Mr. Wolf? I don't know.

Anyway this situation looks like an explicit confrontation of major players of HYIP market that can seriously hurt reputation of CherryShares. Whom and what to believe is up to you. What we can say definitely is that this situation will have certain influence on CherryShares. Hopefully popularity of the program would be enough to resist these unfavourable circumstances.

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