Updated: 02/03/2011 12:40
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Dear investors! Unfortunately, the industry of high-yield investments has nothing to do with the field of investing in various funds and organizations. Investing in HYIP is more like trading stocks. Can you imagine a stock trader who does nothing and simply hopes for luck? No! He keeps track of information, analyzes and tries to control the situation. And the same should be done in case with HYIPs.

It was known a week ago that ForexCompanyOnline started making selective payouts. Moreover, week and a half ago there were complaints and dissatisfaction with the project but at the same time, a few months ago there were allegations of fraud. Tell me please, what out of all this had to force monitors to change the status of payments? The thing is that monitors do not have such status as "selective payouts" but we always change a status to ON HOLD when we find evidence of fraud, when we find facts.

As you can see in this (This link used to lead to a forum, it is no longer relevant) topic in our forum, the specific facts and accurate information appeared only on the day before the site disappeared. This hardly saved a lot of investors’ money. Of course, MegaScanner did a great job and we are grateful that he drew our attention to this problem. However, it could have been done much earlier and it was enough just to post a few screenshots. Any investor who is going to be seriously engaged in high-yield investments should keep in mind the example of work done by MegaScanner. Only responsible investing can stop criminals. Only with the help of such resources as HYIPNews, you can be sure that your signal will be heard and thousands of investors will receive timely warning. Therefore, do not hesitate and post your warnings as soon as you find out about problems in one or the other program.

UPDAT (later): The site is probably under DDoS attack. But still dangerous I guess.


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