Updated: 06/18/2010 12:21
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FxCrudeOil (fxcrudeoil.com) is quite an old HYIP as things go nowadays. It has been launched as early as on 18th of April, 2010 or so offering three investment plans:
Plan : Transport - ROI 150% (10% weekly for 15 weeks - min invest $20)
Plan : Machine - ROI 220% (11% weekly for 20 weeks - min invest $50)
Plan : Industry - ROI 360% (12% weekly for 30 weeks - min invest $100).

The program has been doing quite well so long; the only thing that bothered me is that there is no rating page on their site. Anyway the program's admin has recently sent a reminding that the program offers 20% bonus which you can receive on your investment during the World Cup. At the same time some investor reported that the administration of the program is sending spoofing spam pointing at the link in the latest update from FxCrudeOil concerning 20% bonus.

So the situation is pretty controversial and in order not to spoil your mood during the World Cup I advise to wait with investing in FxCrudeOil.

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