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Today I would like to talk about a program which is not quite new yet very perspective and may well have a lot of time ahead to bring good profit to...

Today I would like to talk about a program which is not quite new yet very perspective and may well have a lot of time ahead to bring good profit to numerous investors. The program has been listed in our Hot Listing for over a month and has already achieved nice results in its work. Please meet OilStructure!

I must say OilStructure appeared to be launched in a very appropriate time when investors' preferences have shifted towards long term investment programs like this one. The program is noteworthy due to its professional appearance and serious approach to the business. By the way OilStructure motto “Profitability, Reliability, Confidentiality” clearly describes the program's goals and chosen development strategy yet may well seems like regular empty words we hear at every turn. Yet this time I have a hunch that something is different about them. They differ from other HYIPs and I'll try to find out what makes OilStructure special?

First of all it is surely the program's exclusive investment plan having five periods – stages A, B, C, D and E. Actually this payment structure is organized in a way that allows you to withdraw your principal and leave the program anytime you like, yet once you do join you are unlikely to ever actually want to leave. As I already said there are five periods of the Investment plan yet it is better not to leave the company at starting periods.

  • During the Stage A you will get 2.0% daily interest. This stage lasts 25 calendar days and you cannot withdraw your principal at this time. Virtually you can do that but the fee makes 100%.
  • After 25 days the Stage A will be automatically changed to Stage B. The daily interest rate is increased to 2.1% and the stage takes 50 days. Now Principal can be withdrawn but with 80% fee.
  • On the Stage C you earn 2.2% every calendar day for the period of 75 days. A fee for withdrawal of the principal is 60%.
  • Next stage is Stage D lasting 150 days where you will get 2.3% daily interest. Principal withdrawal fee is decreased to 40%.
  • Last stage is Stage E which will give a daily interest of 2.4%.

The stage has no time limits and may last till you want to continue your investment. And finally at this stage principal withdrawal fee is 0%. Yet that doesn't mean this is the time you can finally break even as that happens much earlier namely on the 40th day of membership. On that point you will have 50% profit from Stage A, 30% profit from Stage B, and 20% of your principal returned. Provided you want to double your profit you need to stay a member for 78 days. That will have given you 50% profit from Stage A, 105% profit from Stage B, 5% profit from Stage C, and 40% of your original principal returned.
At Stage E you can leave anytime you like, yet you should remember that the longer you stay, the higher your earnings.
Deposits can be made with either euros or dollars and the minimum deposit is extremely low – only $1 or €1.

Another interesting option OilStructure offers is the possibility for the program's members to add to their deposit later on and have it considered as part of the same investment. That means you can add some extra funds to your principal in one of the later stages, start earning the higher interest rate straight away, and not be subject to the high withdrawal fees.

As to payment options the program offers they are a bit limited. You can only use either LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney at the moment. Though according to the recent research these very two payment systems are the most popular among online investors thus you may not even feel any inconvenience of this narrow choice. Withdrawals at OilStructure are manual so need to be requested. Withdrawal process can take up to 24 hours.

The design of OilStructure from the very beginning was very attractive yet after addition of their 256 bit SSL encryption it became even better, furthermore the site became much more secured. The administration of OilStructure obviously decided not to save on things which are of the most important for the program's security. One can't stand idly by the program's hosting provider, BlockDos, which is considered to be the best in the industry. The server of the program is also highly protected.

As to the program's support service there are some different e-mail addresses provided to contact the administration depending on what your question is. The program also has usual online support ticketing form. They also give their fax number in case somebody would feel need to use it yet personally I doubt that. The company also has its own page on Twitter for those who prefer this type of communication.

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