Updated: 07/29/2010 14:17
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I welcome you, dear readers. You've probably decided that we don't have scam monitors anymore because we don't post our scam monitors rating, haven't you? Well, it is not the way it is. Unfortunately unqualified work is still popular in high-yield investment field and we've noticed lots of outrageous cases of monitors loosing a track of events (whether on purpose or not) since we posted the 1st Issue of Scam HYIP Monitors Rating.

For example, let's look at Open their rating page and you will see three monitors: Money-Views, HYIPInvestment and They all have a PAYING status. However the program hasn't been paying for five days. And all these five days investors who trust those monitors keep investing their money in this program. Of course, we tried to warn those monitors and I hope the status will be finally changed.

Unfortunately automatic monitor can't change status quicker than the next payout will take place. So will the program which pays monthly have a fake status for a month? I don't think so. Well, it means there are some mechanisms which make it possible to change a status more thoughtfully. does it on the grounds of huge amount of information and you can see only a part of it on our front page in the form of news. Other monitors could at least pay attention to investors complaints and warnings.

The admin of Tom is a good example. He immediately wrote us when he saw his monitor in a previous posting. We explained him a situation and now we will keep in touch with him. It is a hyip monitor which aims to improve and that is why we will write him and warn that some program's status is not valid before including him in our black-list. I guess we should start making a white-list of automatic monitors, of those who push forward. And will be the first in this list.

So I want to say good bye till the next posting on this positive note.


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