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There is no doubt left now that Eigeline Network is gone. There is also no slightest doubt that the closure of Eigeline was surprising for many...

There is no doubt left now that Eigeline Network is gone. There is also no slightest doubt that the closure of Eigeline was surprising for many players on the market, for bloggers and HYIP monitors in particular. Unfortunately, the admin of Eigeline did not support the mood on the market, gathered the necessary amount of money and disappeared as a result. After all, the question on whether the predictions of experts will be right or wrong come down to the intentions of the project's administrator. The main task is to uncover, to understand and to analyze these intentions and if the administrator has misled you by giving hope that his intentions are honest, he won.

Fortunately, many administrators of HYIP projects really intend to make money and they have to work to do so. As a result, the investors have a chance to make a profit and bloggers and monitors can get a referral commission. But if an administrator gets a large deposit which is enough for him or he suddenly wants to change his strategy, no one can stop him. And there are many of such examples. Eigeline is one of them.

As a result of so called massive mistake, Paul Abramson, (the admin of MNO, who luckily didn't introduce Eigeline as a promising project) has criticized many bloggers. Such blunder could not pass by his attention and won two paragraphs of derision and self-assertion. Which is edification in fact. The admin of dvdhyip blog David has quickly responded to this criticism.

In his post he disagrees with Paul saying that everyone can make a mistake and gives an example of Paul making mistakes as well. He says that all bloggers he knows do not call themselves "experts", but it is obvious that they now more about investing in HYIPs than an "average" investor. Therefore people read them and try to listen to advices of those who know more because they don't want to invest "blindly". So, David's point is that we have to keep analyzing projects before investing and use different resources (Alexa, whois, do a "DD",...). Paul says that Alexa graphs do not show admins "honesty" and therefore are not reliable. David agrees that they don't show but says that Alexa is anyway useful because it can show the growth of popularity and that those graphs helped him many times to stay away from some projects (as well as from the one which was recommended by Paul and collapsed like Eigeline). David asks Paul to reconsider his point of view.

Well there are always many opinions on the same topic. And this controversial topic is not an exception.

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