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Bookmakeroffice ( has sent out its latest newsletter informing on the addition of new plan. It offers 120% after 1 day....

Bookmaker-office ( has sent out its latest newsletter informing on the addition of new plan. It offers 120% after 1 day. Bookmaker-office has been online for 3 months offering four plans:

  • Trial Plan: 1% per calendar day for 40 days (min. deposit $10 and max. $500)
  • Advanced Plan: 1.5% per calendar day for 100 days (min. deposit $501 and max. $10,000)
  • Professional Plan: 1.7% per calendar day for 100 days (min. deposit $10,001 and max. $20,000)
  • Ultimate Plan: 2% per calendar day for 150 days (min. deposit $20,001 and max. $100,000)

Initial deposit is returned and compounding is available in each plan.

To tell you the truth, the minimum deposit is affordable only in the Trial Plan and maybe the Advanced Plan (I mean for average investor). But interest is reasonable in all of them. Therefore we were very surprised when we saw this new plan. However, the administration says that the reason for a new plan is that more than $1,000,000 has been already invested, therefore they prepared this new plan for investors.

Of course, it seems to be logical and joyful offer but it is not reasonable in terms of risks. Why would they offer such a crazy plan when things are going well? There is no need in it. Therefore, it can be taken as a red flag. It is better not to invest. Despite the obvious advantage of the concept and risk-free offer (well, what can happen in one day?) We do not believe that this plan can work for 2-3 days or more. Even if it does work, the risks are too high. Yes, if you have an extra $10 which you want to throw in this slot machine, it should be interesting for you. But now Bookmaker-office really turned into a slot machine with an unpredictable outcome.

By the way we can't say exactly how much money you will risk because there is no sign of a new plan at, therefore it is unclear what the minimum deposit is. It is only explained in newsletter that you can make an investment in this plan by entering your profile and clicking “make deposit” button. Meaning this plan is aimed to collect as much money as possible from the existing members.

Well, it is up to you whether to invest or not, but we would not recommend investing.

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