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RSo for today we got a review of a quite unusual project. Any experienced investor most likely to bypass it when he will see the site. It will come back to haunt them. Under color of such a poor site you can see communicative enough administrators, DDoS protection, SSL encryption and what is the main the desire to work! When Paul Adams has ordered this review, he realized that the site can't be its strong side. But still he has done it. So what makes him be so assured about his order? Let's see it in stages.

Doesn't matter how strange it will sound, but the most positive character of the HYIP project is exactly the site. I do not bear in mind a page header, which is made of a standard pattern cut. And sure thing I am not mentioning the design. We may only put the unsatisfactory mark for that component. And it is not for nothing, that we have started the review from the criticism. Having that kind of site does not deserve any satisfactory feedbacks and marks. But anyhow you still may work with it and even successfully. Many investors take no notice of that side of the question. And for people who care, the administrator of the project has claimed: 'Yes! we are continually working on our website and changes are always happening admittedly, we have been concentrating heavily on the security side of our website more so than design, being that we are dealing with our investors money we feel it is most important to protect our investors funds and their information, but yes most definitely we will be changing the look soon.'

hycapitalfund SSL and nospam Yes, that seems to be true. Guess they really work hard with the site and the distinct confirmation is that a default appearance of the pattern is adjusted to unlikeness. And it would be a hard task to discern a thing from the standard Goldcoders. Well, I may even persuade you, that it is exactly Goldcoders, the licensed copy of which hycapitalfunds.com is using. The only things left from primary elements are the statistic's package and form of feedback. And everything seems to be more superior in the 'member zone' .

While studying the statistics, I have concluded that it is more likely to be faithful one. Sure thing some of HYIPs state that they have received tons of money, calculating in millions only during first 40 days online! No way it is true! The received amount of HyCapitalFunds for the present moment is $39,000. And that seems to be the way. Pay your attention that under the statistics you may find the list of today's pay outs and TOP-20 referrals. I have perused the information and it also seems to be truthful. I was also very excited about deposits' amount of HyCapitalFunds investors. So I looked at most recent large payouts and figured that HyCapitalFunds got several deposits in an amount of $1700-$2000. Of course it is not so 'huge', but I would say that is fairly large. Even so, other 90% of investors make much smaller deposits. And those people who can invest huge amounts (according to statistics) are still expected to join the project. The statistics seemed to me quite encouraging. If to concern they are not a fake. While having $40,000 of investments, they still got what to develop, what to fight for and to work at. If they really got that amount of money, they still got much to do, but they have already started with great results! So I may only hope that it is so!

There's nothing left to look at on the site :) There is a fancy list of the site's advantages, as for example: 'Hacker Protection, SSL Secured, Live Online Chat, Contact Phone number, Daily Payment proof onsite, Fast payments '. There are also two links to the Rate Us page. F.A.Q. Page is quite standard. However I didn't like the plans page at all. There is almost no information, except for the list of plans. Instead 'Contact Us' page is overflown with contacts. There is even Live Support, but it is till not working properly. I couldn't get in touch with anyone for a few days.

Generally, the only thing that can somehow rehabilitate this site is that most of pictures, statistics and links work properly. Even the information of deposits' amount seems to be real. There are many HYIP monitors presented on the site they are set forth right. But security is surely the most important feature. And that is what hycapitalfunds uses as their main advantage.

12 of 15
Unfortunately, there are not so many Usability Tools which are normally used by popular HYIPs on this website. Moreover, most of them are not foreseen in Goldcoders and afterwards it will be difficult to add them. Instead, the project has SSL, DDoS protection (BlackLotus) and Hacker Protection. That is the basic, which is normally presented by every HYIP but it still comes at a high value. If to be more exact, it is not so expensive, many hosting companies offer SSL for free (for example DDoSWIZ). But, I must repeat that it is highly important nowadays and I hope all programs will include DDoS protection, SSL and dedicated server in the nearest future. HYIPNews will continue fighting for that and those points that we give for having such features is one of the ways to motivate.

The data check on Whois has showed the adorable result. You may find the contacts of Paul Adams. I was also glad to notice the contacts of support center (Brian Stevens ([email protected])). It seems to be professionally made. The site is registered till May 20, 2012. The only thing of which I've become confused is the absence of Registrant Info (the only man mentioned is the administrator of the project, Gerry Roberts). But that does not make any difference, because on WhoIs the administration of the project has worked nicely. Everything is filled so properly, that it is hard to find fault.

The success of investment plans is the relative notion. It is highly depends on the industry conditions. And it is not an easy way to evaluate its conditions. We believe that the more balanced investment plans are, the more they fit with the general concept of HYIP, the more chances this HYIP has to work for a longer period of time and to bring investors good profit.

HyCapitalFunds offers plans with daily payouts which last for 150 days. I do not know how the plans' ROI on the main page of the site has been calculated, but I have my own result of the first plan and it shows 301.5%, so maybe bonuses are also included. The Business plan provides you with $25 for each deposit you make. The Professional plan foresees $40 of bonus. In the First Class plan you may notice that the bonus is $60. Here's the interest rate that the plans offer:

  1. Economy- $10 - $1,000 -2.01%
  2. Business- $1,001 - $4,000 -2.03%
  3. Professional- $4,001 - $7,000 -2.04%
  4. First Class- $7,001 and more -2.05%

It is quite interesting, but on pictures which you may find on the main page of the project, the Business plan is considered to have the minimum investment amount of $501. It appears that it is also a mistake. That is not professionally and bad looking. But it does not change the main point that the plans are well-balanced. The risk level is quite low in them and they are quite profitable. You will receive your first profit in 50 days.

The referral income works out 5% from the deposits of your affiliates. That is an average percentage rate, which is attractive and safe at the same time.

That seems to be strange, but on the main page there is only information about PerfectMoney and AlertPay. But in reality the list of supported e-currencies is much longer: PerfectMoney, LibertyReserve, AlertPay, Wire Transfer. Guess the reason is in the low quality appearance of the site. And that embarrassment proves that the low mark for the design is proved to be reasonable. I can even consume that in this project everything looks worse than it is in reality.

, as the administration states, is already verified. That means that all documents are adjusted and you shouldn't have any troubles dealing with the e-currency. That is much a tough talk and it brings an additional point to the Payment Method characteristic.

We have numerated 25 rating signs.That is the real quantity of themand we are very glad that the administration of the site brings rating signs up so soon. I can only add that their slogan 'we take care of our investors' is seems to be faithful. But there are surely not enough of ratings and HYIP monitors. As it seems, they add them while developing and that is great. Not a great fact is the absence of such monitors as HYIP.com or GoldPoll. Usually their appearance brings only positive changes into a project. Furthermore, amounts of invested money by HYIP monitors are not so tough. That's why the speedup of adding and co-operation with them is surely a plus, but the tempos and results for today leave much to be desired. So pay your attention to that characteristic. If an administrator starts to boost his presence on the market, that is a much good sign.

As I have already told while describing the site, on the 'Contact Us' page there is a number of means how you can contact administration. For example - Live Support, we haven't checked it yet, but even the presence of a service is the positive moment. When an administration got its Live staff, it is easier to get into contact with them. But with hycapitalfunds.com we had no troubles to contact even by simply mailing them. The feedback works slower, but still it works. You may also notice the phone number to contact them on the main page of the site (+1-516-301-5939), the additional domain (https://www.hycapital.us) and Business Incorporation Certificate in PDF format.

That information will help investors to take a better control of a situation. The point of having documents is always very loose, so its presence is an obvious plus. As it can be seen from the above, in the "Public Relations" performance, hycapitalfunds.com gained almost the maximum number of points. Despite the fact that the promo company of the project is almost inactive (it is actually consistent and accurate), they manage to get 10 points!

By the way, not a small share in such a high rate for "Public Relations" has made the administrator of the project by his own, who seems to be quite a communicative and sociable person. We hope that he will direct all his nice characters to forming some nice publicity, that is still absent. They are still not having the 'News' section. Though the official legend (FOREX trading) is ought to give you a nice piece of knowledge and information. In fact, that legend brings no any additional points, though a well-done legend may be the key to success.

+6 from +10
DDoS protectionWe think that the administrator has a nice chances to complete his promises and to finish over a redesign of the site. If he won't do what he is promising, than I have given him 5 points for free (cause I actually gave it in advance). If only they has a nicely made site with advanced engine, than they are more likely to reach the success and consequently we may trust them more due to more predictable bearing. Meanwhile everything depends upon that exact point. If the site won't appear, guess they may even have some problems. But if it does, they are risking to acquire a large auditory. Indeed, they are having a nice staff. Which fully understand principals of marketing, finances and public relations.

P.S. Another two points which I would like to draw your attention to. The first one is Alexa Rank. It is equal to 120,000 and continues growing. Thus, the administration is concerned about their rating increase which is great. The second point is bonuses. Everyone who makes a deposit gets an additional amount of money (from $25). Bonuses are usually withdrawn before closing and I think it is a smart move that the administration introduced bonuses right from the beginning.

  • DESIGN & CONTENT: 4 of 15 (26%)
  • WHOIS CHECK: 5 of 5 (100%)
  • INVESTMENT PLANS: 15 of 20 (75%)
  • PAYMENT METHODS: 5 of 5 (100%)
  • MONITORINGS SERVICES: 5 of 10 (50%)
  • OVERALL IMPRESSION: + 6 of 10 (60%)

TOTAL: 63 of 100

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