Updated: 09/23/2010 19:02
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Despite very persuasive and truthful explanation, which the company Genuine Online Bank gave yesterday: Genuine Online Bank Explains, in fact everything has become worse. GOB says that AlertPay is the one to blame but in truth does everything possible in order to make investors and us have new grievances and questions.

To begin with, we want to say that the theory about payments being blocked by AlertPay is not confirmed. The administration of GOB has not sent any convincing evidence that AlertPay is the one who blocks payments, and AP has not responded yet. However, meanwhile an account of the investor named David, who became the first victim of was simply deleted!:

"They removed my account for no given reason so i cannot access it, all i asked them for was my principle back, i have not recieved a penny from them, can no longer access my account and support will not tell me why." - that's what David writes.

This is a common tactic of HYIP administrators. They block the accounts of those monitors that show NOT PAYING status, as well as those investors who are seeking the truth. And it is even easier to simply delete an account instead of blocking it. And then they pretend not to have such investor.

Having done that, the administration of GOB only worsened the situation. After the official response, we all, including our readers have come to believe in the possibility of positive solution. But it seems that the cruel world of high yield investing does not forgive credulity. and have already changed the status of the project to NOT PAYING. The other monitors still show paying statuses because of selective payouts. Moreover, the links to forums on “rate us” page are actually links to a thread of project's own forum, where its own agents post reports. What can we say about the reliability of such reports?

David has suggested an interesting theory, which should be a lesson for everyone and should prevent you from making such mistakes in the future: "What i think has happened is they have my money, moved it to another alertpay account, and keep making multiple alerptay accounts so they can still recieve money via alertpay. I do not think they have any intention to pay, only recieve. "

That's how it happens. It is unfortunate that the situation was exposed so late. Although, perhaps not too late. You can distribute this alert and warn others with the help of facebook, twitter and other means of communication.


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