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The administration of Russian Oil Fund ( sent out its first newsletter. ROF is currently in its Pre-Grand Opening period which will last up to 20th October 2010 Midnight EST. If you join during this period you will get a 5% bonus on the amount of your investment and it will take up to 24 hours for the bonus to get credited to your account. On a general note I think we will get to see more of such offers in the coming days as the competition getting tough among programs. More and more good quality programs are appearing these days so you can accept promotional offers in future for sure.

I would like to inform you that ROF also communicates using Facebook and Twitter. Admin informs that they strongly believe in social networking and so the admin recommends everyone to follow ROF on these social networks in order to get inside news of oil industry which will be shared by the administration on these networks. You can get the links to Twitter and Facebook on the top right corner of ROFs homepage.

I would also like to inform you that ROF has only one plan which is divided into 4 levels depending upon the amount of investment. The minimum amount of investment is $10 from where you enter level 1 and it goes up to $1,999. At level 1 you will get 2.0% daily interest. A slightly higher interest rate is offered at level 2 which starts from $2,000 and goes up to $3,499. Level 3 starts with $3,500 and ends with $4,999 offering an interest rate of 2.6%. The last level that is level 4 starts with $5,000 and there is no limit to the maximum amount. The interest rate is 2.9% at level 4 which is obviously the highest interest rate offered in this program. The period is 90 days, principle is returned at the end and the interest is earned only on business days. ROF currently accepts only Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money as payment options.

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