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GainInterest ( has been online for more than a month and the administration of the program has been sending out emails informing...

Gain-Interest ( has been online for more than a month and the administration of the program has been sending out emails informing about the changes and news of the program (by the way, we have introduced this HYIP here: Gain Interest Introduction)

Over the month of being online the deposit minimum in the program has been lowered from $50 to $10 due to many requests from investors, however after lowering the minimum deposit amount, many investors kept asking to reduce it more because they are afraid of losing their money. Therefore the decision to give $5 signup bonus to them which can not be withdrawn has been made. The hosting provider has been also changed over the past month due to hacking of LR account (you can read about it here).

The administration of Gain-Interest informs that a partner page has been added. There you can find links to reviews of the program, to forums where it is discussed and to monitors. There is also program's own forum on the website where you are welcome to share thoughts and experience. If you want to keep a track of all events regarding this HYIP, you can follow them on Twitter. The user name is GainInterest. The administration is also inviting local partners to represent their website around the world. If you are interested in this offer, you should send an email to .

In the previous newsletter it was informed that many investors complain that interest rates were too low therefore from now on all investors will get bonus on weekly basis (usually on Saturdays) depending on the trading results for that week:

For example: We offer 4.5% per week, if we can gain more than 8% for that week (lets say 10%), then the balance of 2% would be shared with investors and the amount will be added to your account balance regardless of the plan (daily or weekly or monthly) you had chosen. If there was nothing more than 8% in a week, there would be NO bonus as well. You will receive a weekly report every Saturday to let you know if any bonus is added to your account and for how much.

The promise was kept and the administration of Gain-Interest has sent out a newsletter informing about the weekly bonus for the investors. They announce that 9% was earned last week therefore investors accounts were promised to be credited with 1% for the last week within 24 hours. The newsletter was sent out yesterday therefore 1% has to be accrued already. We are waiting for your reports confirming this information so that we know for sure that the administration of Gain-Interest has really paid out a promised bonus and you can also comment this news expressing your general thoughts concerning this HYIP.

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