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There are many shortterm programs in HYIP world nowadays. Some of them operate for a week and disappear; others operate for much longer bringing good...

There are many short-term programs in HYIP world nowadays. Some of them operate for a week and disappear; others operate for much longer bringing good profit to investors. However, they are usually the most risky ones and it is necessary to be very cautious while investing in them. Today we want to inform you about four of them and we hope that you will make some conclusions.

The first story is about It was launched on October 15 and operated for 6 days only! We found this program a bit suspicious right from the beginning: Are BrilliantsInv and LeadingROI Similar or Same. This article was published on October 20 and the next day withdrawals were pending. I hope you read our first HYIPNews Weekly Observer because there was a mention about turning scam and we hope you havent invested your money in this program since then. The website is still online and operating, therefore be careful! has been online for more than a month which is a great result for a program of its kind. However, it delayed payments a couple of days ago therefore, as we can see the administration of this program has started having problems: OrderDollar Be Careful Updated. They have already paid out but anyway OrderDollar cant be considered safe anymore. is another short-term HYIP which was introduced here: MoneyPallas Introduction. It was launched on October 18 and now all withdrawals are pending. There are no reports on popular forums because the discussion of this program is not active at all, however many monitors have already changed its status to Problem. Maybe the administration of this program will pay out as it happened in case with OrderDollar but we would not recommend investing in it anymore.

The last short-term HYIP which is most likely done is It was launched on October 19 and introduced on our site two days later: DigitWallet New ShortTerm HYIP. Yesterday the first alerts from our readers about selective payouts were received and now the program is reported to be scam on popular forums. You should not invest in this HYIP in any case because the admin of DigitWallet is a liar. He shows fake monitoring icons on the rating page, in such way he probably wants to fool investors who dont know about programs problems and to gather as much money as possible before leaving.

Of course, quick money sounds very attractive and everyone wants to make as much money and as quickly as possible, however you should always remember about risks and about the main rule of every HYIP investor: never invest more than you can afford to lose!

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