Updated: 11/04/2010 19:17
Hyip Monitor

The administration of GrandCentralFX ( sent out a newsletter informing about the addition of AlertPay. It is a great move by the administration as it will certainly help the program in reaching a wide range of investors. Previously Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money were available as deposit options. AlertPay is beneficial for investors as you get a chance to recover your money in case the program scams. It is the only payment processor which offers such service and that is why many investors prefer to use it while investing in HYIPs.

We want to inform all of you that GCFX is already 11 days online, We think that this starting of achievement and we're continue to develop the system and keep going to take care our valued investors.

GrandCentralFX has been online for 11 days and is developing into a good program. I would like to remind you that currently there is a promotional offer running wherein every investor will get a 10% bonus on every deposit. This promotion is only available for real investors and not for monitors. The promotional offer was started on 29th October and will end on 31st November. So if anyone is interested in joining this program I think it is the right time as your investment will earn 10% extra straight away.

The plans look reasonable. The website is hosted on a dedicated server with DDoS and SSL protection. As I already told you, the minimum to invest is only $1 so you can freely checkout the program first with such a minimum investment if you like. The rate us page of the website is updated now and you can find the popular forums and monitors monitoring this program.

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