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The next newsletter we want to talk about has been sent by Fred, the admin of PawnShopFund, one of the most popular longterm hyips

The next newsletter we want to talk about has been sent by Fred, the admin of PawnShop-Fund (, which is one of the most popular long-term programs these days. It has been online for more than 100 days now and has more than 3500 members. It is reported that more than one member joins the program every hour. The admin believes that it is a great achievement and promises to keep it up and to stay in the industry for a long time.

Fred also says that he is aware of the fact that many people in the industry have little faith in HYIPs in Christmas period and he assures that this period will not affect The profits of the program are not related to online sources, are not affected by Forex or national holidays, so the program will be as stable as it is now in both Christmas and New Year periods.

There is a warning in the newsletter regarding fake e-mails from someone pretending to be the admin of PawnShop-Fund and using e-mail address. Fred says that this e-mail address is not his, and he never asks anybody to enable the API in investors' LR account. You don't need to enable API in your LR account to get instant withdrawals. API is used by program's system to divert the payments but there is no need for members to have API enabled. The next statement is regarding AlertPay:

“I also want to let you know that we are accepting only clear AP payments if a payment is reversed by AP from our account because they are considering that you are using fraudulent funds we will definitely suspend your account, and no refund is possible, so please use only clear AlertPay funds to deposit with us.”

It is also reminded about the forum at and you are welcome to use it in order to express your thoughts, to ask questions and to get help from the administration of the program or other members who might even help you in your native language. There are 8 different languages now and I find this idea really great because even though English is an international language, not all investors know it well enough therefore all language additions or such idea in forum are highly appreciated by investors.

PawnShop-Fund is a program that has been developing steadily paying out without any problems. It is monitored by and has a PAYING status (more details can be found in our HYIP-list. If you want to find out all necessary information about investment plans, security features, accepted e-currencies and more information, you are welcome to read our review of here.

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