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An interesting tendency of this year is that more or less qualitative monitors, blogs and forums are actually working. Of course, old sites with...

An interesting tendency of this year is that more or less qualitative monitors, blogs and forums are actually working. Of course, old sites with active traffic are still leading but it happens more often now that they have to distinguish themselves by offering some interesting concept. The first one that comes to mind is LionsSociety.com. They have monitoring/blog and forum, and even their own project of advertising network! The monitor RCB500 (rcb500.com) has also introduced its own business to the market. RCB500 (rcb500.com) offers you 1.5% daily for 150 days + return of your principals. The money you invest in RCB500 will be reinvested in HYIPs which are in its monitoring. This monitor had been already noticed by many investors (before starting its investment program) because its admin offered very high referral return (500%).

We wrote about the system of RCB here in the second part of the news. A project called RCB500 in principle had no problems with paying it. Of course, there have been some occasional misunderstandings. For example, there is a misunderstanding between the administrator of RCB500 and the administrator of EurasianInvestment. The admin of eurasianinvestment complains that the admin of RCB performed his duties only on demand (and not by himself without being asked). Investors' accusations were also posted in the same thread but there is also positive feedback.

Thus, we can assume that, in general, there are no complaints concerning the return of referral. If the admin of RCB500 managed to work on such terms, maybe he will also manage to develop his HYIP. However, I am concerned by the fact that 1.5% is higher than the average interest paid by HYIPs (1%). I am also concerned that RCB500 does not monitor many programs. And the very idea of investment projects being operated by monitors is quite ambiguous. But I can not deny that it might be interesting. Anyway we will try to contact the administrator and will keep an eye on this investment project as far as possible. Now we have another interesting business.

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