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The administartion of has updated a news section informing about the recent briefing which took place on Wednesday, November 17 at...

The administartion of has updated a news section informing about the recent briefing which took place on Wednesday, November 17 at the Marriott, New Orleans at the Convention Center. It is informed that IncomeNonStop reported to all companions about recent great event regarding the referral business with investors. As you remember, we informed about $100,000 referral commission being paid out: IncomeNonStop Paid 100k Referral Commission.

It is reported that many people who worked with IncomeNonStop attended the meeting and said many good words about the company. The administration thanks all clients for constant support and believes that cooperation with IncomeNonStop not only as an investor but also as a referral will double your money and will lead you to success. According to the terms of referral program, your commission depends on a plan chosen by an investor who invested using your referral link. It is 4% in Standard Plan, 5% in Silver Plan, 6% in Gold Plan and 7% in Platinum Plan.

Well, such news about meetings can't be often seen in HYIP industry as I'm sure they are not conducted very often. Therefore we decided to contact the administration of and ask them a couple of questions. And here are the answers exclusively for

- Please tell us how did the meeting go? Are you satisfied with the results?
Greetings, I want to notice that we are always glad to communicate with representatives of such productive, impartial and unique site as We are reading your news line very often and always ready to help you with any information we can give.

As for the Briefing, it was really successful for our company. Representatives of Incomenonstop were flattered by the attention of investors and answered to all the questions concerning our future with pleasure. In the beginning of the meeting Mark (the support manager) mentioned about previous event, concerned to the huge number of referral bonuses that were paid to the investors which are earning additional money as referrals. "It is a really great pleasure, when people are shaking your hand and wishing you all the best" Said Mark Miller. Many of our investors have already noticed that company incomenonstop gives great profit to their clients in a short term. Paying stable during many years. People know this and work with us.

- Were there many people on the meeting? Did everything go according to the plan?
If to compare with the "Black Friday" not really :) The organization of the meeting were against people who were not concerned to the IDC activity. Anyway Incomenonstop sent the invitations to more then 50 investors. We were in the capacity of the companies which are working for a good cause of their clients. Agree that not everyone can get to the top of IDC business and give the opportunity to earn to the other people. As for the briefing planning everything went as it was conceived. As many other companies we gave the detailed report, then listened carefully to the representatives of other companies. Then were not an official part where we could talk with our satisfied customers.

- Do you plan to conduct such meetings in the future and is it possible for regular people to attend them?
Definitely there will be official meetings in the future! I can say for sure that next one will be closer to the January. On these meetings we are always happy to talk to our satisfied clients face to face. These people should have registered account during 6 months and invested sum over $80,000.

P.S. If you want to find out more about this project, you should watch a Video Review of made by VIDEO REVIEW OF IncomeNonStop

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