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Today we are reviewing another longterm program and this time it is VetcoGray ( This program was launched on November 10, 2010....

Today we are reviewing another long-term program and this time it is VetcoGray ( This program was launched on November 10, 2010. VetcoGray has been monitored by HYIPNews for 18 days and has a PAYING status. Let's take a look at investment plans offered by the administration of this program.

Investment Plans.
There are three investment plans at

  • Starter Plan offers 1.8% daily for 150 business days. The minimum deposit is $10 and the maximum is $2,499.
  • Premium Plan will bring you 2.0% daily for 150 business days in case if you invest at least $2,500. The maximum investment amount is $19,999.
  • Exclusive Plan is more profitable and offers 2.2% daily for 150 business days. However this plan is only for those who have $20,000 to invest. The maximum deposit is $100,000.

As you can see, the Starter Plan is the only one that is affordable for regular investors therefore I believe it is the most popular plan. All investment plans have the same features:
-they all last for 150 business days (which is 210 calendar days);
-interest is paid on trading days (Monday through Friday);
-all payments requests can be also made on business days only;
-if you wish to withdraw your deposit before the expiration day, you have to pay a 40% deposit cancellation fee;
-withdrawals are instant;
-50% principal return at the end of the period.

Just to make it clearer how much you will make at the end of the term, here is an example. Let's assume you invest $100. According to Starter Plan, you will have 1.8% daily which is $1.8. You will have $270 after 150 days + $50 (50% of your principal) which makes your total earning equal to $320. Do not forget that you will have this amount after 210 days (which is 150 business days).

Referral Program.
The referral commission at is average. You will get 5% for every amount your referral deposits, which means that if the person referred by you opens more than one deposit, you will make more money. The affiliate link is located in the "Affiliate Program" section of investors' account menus.

Payment Options. VetcoGray accepts all payment processors from a standard list of e-currencies in HYIP field. You can choose between AlertPay, PerfectMoney or LibertyReserve.

General Website Features.
When the website was launched, it was an example of how the website looks on a test computer of the developer before the launch. VetcoGray decided to start operating and then add all required features for a successful HYIP. However, there is still no link under the “Launch Help & Support” button and all links to forums lead nowhere on “Rate Us” page. The good thing is that the script is licensed and was bought from a popular GoldCoders.

Security Features. is hosted on a dedicated server provided by KoDDoS which also provides DDoS protection to the program. It is SSL encrypted by reliable Comodo which guarantees safety of investors' accounts. As you can see, the level of protection at is really high.

Contact Methods.
There are several ways to contact the support team at You can do it via e-mail: or, by phone: +1 – 800-784-9695 (telephone representative is available on business days only (Monday-Friday; 9AM-8PM)) or by filling out a contact form on “Support” page.

The general impression is good, however there is much to improve on the website. The administrator of the project knows about the necessity of making these changes because it has been mentioned on many HYI-related sites. In particular, originality of design is doubtful and the veracity of some information on the site. Unfortunately, we did not get official comments on this issue therefore you should judge this project without them. Until now, the lack of monitoring icons and other issues have not become obstacle for the development of the project and we hope that they will not become in the future as well.

UPDATE (12/13/2010): Status of has been changed to ON HOLD because of pending payouts.


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