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I'm pretty convinced that not everything that had to happen in the beginning of 2011 has already happened and January has prepared an interesting unravelling of the plot. And the programs that are closed before January 10 (and were opened before December 25) can be considered the victims of the holidays. But since quite a remarkable player named OrbisTrends has shifted, we can draw some conclusions.

So, OrbisTrends is the most recent of those that stayed for this year but didn’t go further. I do not want to make anything up but having experience with the administration of OrbisTrends I can assume that the project was left for 2011 with a deliberate and sober calculation. If the first week of this year had been satisfactory and investors active, the project would have continued operating. Having observed the activity of investors during 5 days, the administrators have decided not to pay. At least so far. Everything is logical.

The next closed project during this festive period that I want to mention is They relied on the design of the website but nothing had been done in terms of PR or advertising. Therefore, OptimumPride immediately reacted to the low tide in December. Even in the first decade there were delays. Money was paid out and it was decided to keep operating but even such a beautiful site had to try to sacrifice much in order to continue paying after December 24. In fact, its closure can be called logical and we can learn a useful lesson from it. is gone leaving no notable lessons. No comments. left "problematically" – there was lack of finances, delayed payments and absence of the site. They have not operated even for 100 days. Although the site has been returned but the admin does not pay. The problem with finances is possible (did not calculate like optimumpride in early December), although it does not change the core of the subject. They ended up being with no money because of the holidays.

Among those projects in which we did not invest and which did not survive holidays are EcashBroker, AvilonTrade and ProfitixGroup (this project left on "problematic" scheme just like ROF. It all started with the problems with payment processor).

Unfortunately, those are not all projects that have closed over the last 5 days. Many of them have left absolutely no trace, therefore it is meaningless to talk about them. However, if we have missed some projects that are worthy of attention, leave your opinion in comments to this news, please.


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