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The main goal that we pursue while gathering materials for our surveys is to present information about everything what is happening in the HYIP...

The main goal that we pursue while gathering materials for our surveys is to present information about everything what is happening in the HYIP industry. Unfortunately, a large quantity of sources which currently exist are working separately and are not managed to stop the scam wave by their own. But we are sure that in the future we will reach our goal.

Openings. Oscarfunds (oscarfunds.com) 1.00 - 1.30% for 180 days, PositiveProfit (positive-profit.com) 125% after 1 day, Vanguardstar (vanguardstar.biz) 1.1 % Daily for 150 days, Roserlink (Roserlink.com) 1.2 - 1.5% daily, CorpBayGroup (corpbaygroup.com) 2% for 60 days, InstantGains (instantgains.com) 4.35%-4.9% for 24 hours), Permanentprofit (permanentprofit.com) 1,2% every trading day, Passivemoney (passivemoney.net) 5% a month or 60% a year.

The following programs were compared on ECJ: Exigo Technologies (exigotechnologies.com) vs. Fx Funds Trade (fxfundstrade.com): Exigotechnologies wins in 1 category only while Fxfundstrade wins in 4 categories. Escaliva (escaliva.com) vs. Beli Money (belimoney.com): Escaliva wins in 3 categories whereas Belimoney wins in 1 category only.

Problems. Forexions (forexion.net) site is unavailable and has some pending payouts. IWFXCO (iwfxco.com) after problems with pay-outs which the program had faced, its status on numerous monitors was changed to negative, but still there were some monitors, which did not changed it. Be careful!

Events. The first payouts from the 20-day plan would be paid tomorrow as it was reported by the admin of KlickWallet (klickwallet.com). Also he has reported that several reviews on his program KlickWallet (klickwallet.com) were published on Russian and French, in addition the site has introduced the updated page of members area. Lea from Flaxworld, LionsSociety (lionssociety.com) reported that these weeks profits of the Chengdu units were extremely pleasant, and that they had reached $15.10 per Unit.


FxPowerPro (fxpowerpro.com) added a new option, the compounding feature for the plan START-30. The new pleasantly looking design from ConstantFund (constantfund.com) was introduced. DollarCommerce (dollarcommerce.net) introduced multilingual online chat and phone support to their support options (Spanish and Russian language). Also DollarCommerce opened YouTube channel called DollarCommerceTV, where many points about the program will be explained. OilCapital (oil-capital.com) reached an impressive 1,000 members, the number of members had doubled only during the last week.

Emoney. GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) officially announced the addition of such payment options: AlertPay and Bank Wire, also the admin assured that his LibertyReserve (the most popular among investors with 46% from the total deposits) account would remain secure even after the possible changes which would take place starting from February. The payments from DollarCommerce (dollarcommerce.net) processed via AlertPay became instant (for withdrawals not exceeding $500).

Bonuses and contests. A contest from GoldenShoesVentures (gsvreloaded.com) to submit the #600 post, the lucky member already received $100 prize. But still GoldenShoesVentures offers you to hold a new contest to submit the post (testimonial or payment) #1000 on MNO forum and again to win the prize of $100.

Promises. KlickWallet (klickwallet.com) promises to add English phone support within next few days. Also he promised that within next few weeks they would have multi-language phone and live chat support. The admin of GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) promised to add SolidTrustPay soon. The new design of GoldenShoesVentures (gsvreloaded.com) site should be completed by the end of the week. The admin of 144CashAds (144cashads.com) enabled the cashout button and reported that he had processed all the pending cashouts. 144CashAds promised the New year gift and contest coming soon.

Lea from Flaxworld, LionsSociety (lionssociety.com) announced to higher the entry of the Chengdu units as soon they would sold the first 100 units, which she believes would happen before February. DollarCommerce (dollarcommerce.net) will add more languages and operators soon. West-wood (west-wood.biz) adds another portion of languages support, to 5 already supported (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish) Russian will be added soon.

HYIP Blogs. Another issue of Leas "Movers and Shakers", where she provides some advices on HYPER Compounding (http://flaxtalk.com/content/25-01-11-movers-shakers-586/).

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