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Nearly 1 year online great milestone, which is supposed to be achieved by Felmina project within some weeks. Closer to the expected milestone,...

Nearly 1 year online - great milestone, which is supposed to be achieved by Felmina project within some weeks. Closer to the expected milestone, Felmina management is working hard on making the promotion of this log-term and highly respected program as much more convenient as possible. So, the main topic of the latest newsletter was a new feature allowing members to send invitations to others from their Felmina account. The new feature is available from the member's area and allows sending direct e-mails to friends from the account at Felmina. All you need to do to use this option, is to log into your Felmina account, go to the ‘Invite Your Friends' area, fill out the required fields and hit the ‘Send Invite' button. That's it!

Apart from that it should be mentioned that the fastest way to get the latest news and updates from Felmina, recommended by the admin is to visit the official Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/Felminacom. Once any information is needed, once any question you may be interested in needs to be answered, you may contact the support at facebook or directly through the web site support.

In our turn, i would like to notice Felmina is one of Top Choice programs of ours. Its listing period and rating are very high. Within the entire period of being monitored by HYIPNews.com there haven't been any payout issues. Once any disputable situation occurred, it had been solved within hours maximum. We appreciate our cooperation with Felmina and wish this investment project could celebrated the 1-year online anniversary soon and then proceed working for years to come! Good luck to all investors and the management of the project!

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