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High-yield investments are like a good detective story. You can find out who the murderer is only on the last page. Only an author knows it. Everyone wonders which HYIP will be the best one, and then a totally unexpected option becomes the best. But this only applies to non-professional investors. On October 27, 2010 we wrote a Large Review which predicted success of the company called Safe Depositary. Today it is on top. And you know what's interesting? They managed to do it without ANY KIND of advertisement. Today we are talking to Matthew Dowson, the CEO of this company in order to find out more about the way Safe Depositary managed to achieve such successes.

HYIPNews.com (HN): Hello Matthew. Let's start with the most important question. Tell us how you achieved such success for SafeDepositary?
SafeDepositary (SD): First of all everyone knows that Safe Depositary has two things that nobody else on this market can offer - signed paper contract and government license issued by Ministry of Commerce of Panama. These advantages make our company more trustful. Secondly we have announced Safe Trade online brokerage service that lets everyone trade US stocks online directly from Safe Depositary account. The fees are high and min. funding amount is $10,000 but this service is created for professional traders only and most likely it won't be popular among non-US clients of Safe Depositary.

(HN): What awaits your company ahead? What kind of steps are you going to make in order to develop in the nearest future?
(SD): We are working on stock markets only and mostly on US stock markets because it's the most active market in the world. For example there was a huge crash (14%) of Nokia shares (Symbol: NOK) last Friday and we did a very profitable short selling transaction that gave us total gain of almost 10%. This year we are going to hire Forex department, there is already a person who is working on it because Forex market is more risky and we need to setup both aggressive and secure trading. The second thing we are going to do is to add more languages to our website. Thats very good that we don't need to hire multi-language support because we have representatives almost all over the world and there will be more clients involved in RRP soon for sure. The main thing we are working on now is local offline seminars that will be organized by our representatives in their country and completely sponsored by Safe Depositary. We already received some suggestions from representatives regarding such meetings. We will post event report with photos as soon as first seminar is completed. Also we plan to start huge promo campaign on Facebook. We already created a group and we will announce it on the website soon.

(HN): As far as I understand, your company provides its investors with huge earning potential with the help of a multi-level referral program. Tell us about it.
(SD): As everyone knows banks offer yearly interest that equals our 5 day interest payment (8-11.5%) and some of people especially larger investors are worried that it's not safe to have an investment with Safe Depositary. It's not true. Almost all banks are involved in stock markets and forex trading and every bank earns more than our investment funds offer but the banks pay pennies to investors because nobody asks for more interest. I'm 100% sure that there were a lot of banks involved in short selling of Nokia shares as we did and all banks have forex traders who makes at least 30-50% monthly and it's even without high prequency stock trading that provides at least 10% monthly with very safe trading robot. Multi-level affiliate offers large commissions, someone thinks it's bad, someone is happy to get paid but I may say that it works better than any advertising campaign and it costs us less than any advertising campaign would cost. Thats why we don't buy advertising anywhere on the net and if you see it somewhere it means that people promote us themselves.

(HN): Is it possible to participate in this program now? How can it be done?
(SD): We have a detailed Get started guide on the website with full instructions.

(HN): Which materials and tools are provided for promotion? Where is it possible to find them?
(SD): We provide only one type of banners at the moment but in the nearest future we will add multi-language banners and new design. All promo toold are provided in the account area.

(HN): Any investor, even with little experience, will certainly be able to immediately determine the particularities of SafeDepositary and understand why this company has become one of the best programs in 2011. Which features of your project are unique or just better than others in your opinion?
(SD): Well, I guess that no other company listed in HYIPnews list has government license. It was really hard to get it because Ministry of Commerce did a lot of due dilligence job to issue it and it took us over 3 months. They sent a person to our office to verify the physical address, they asked for tons of papers and documents but we did everything and we have this license posted on the website in About us section. Also the second thing is a paper contract that looks like a deposit certificate and confirms our responsibility for investor's deposit. This paper may be usable in the court of Panama.

(HN): Many Internet users invest for the first time. What do they need to do in order to join those investors who are making money with SafeDepositary? BTW, could you tell us how many investors are there in the project now?
(SD): As I said before everyone may find detailed guide on our website. Currently we have almost 10,000 active investors.

(HN): In the Large Review of your project , we gave the maximum mark for safety - 15 out of 15. As far as I understand, we were not mistaken in this evaluation and your site was unavailable only a few times for technical reasons. Has someone tried to attack your website?
(SD): Our website was attacked only one time and it took a few hours to switch to Dragonara top-level protection to forget about this problem. We can't hold the website on top-level protection everyday because many asian investors can't load the website because their IP's are banned by this protection because it's very aggressive. There was no other attacks after that one. Also there was a few hours downtime last week but it was a problem at datacenter and it got sorted out shortly.

(HN): I believe that another interesting feature of the project SafeDepositary is that your site has not changed since the day of launch. Did site engine and design turn out to be that good or some changes are just not noticeable? Tell us about them if there have been any.
(SD): We waste over 6 months to make this design both luxury and easy to use so it doesn't need to be changed or even updated. We will only add the new features and new languages. I think it's enough because the best website can't be better.

(HN): By the way, please remind everyone about the lifetime of SafeDepositary. How many days has it been online?
(SD): Safe Depositary website is online since May 2010 but promotion was started since August because we had to complete the paper work before announcing it to investors.

(HN): There is a story on your website about those who opened SafeDepositary: Lenni McDowel, Scott Price, Limbu Stone. Now, of course, there are more employees. Tell us about your team.
(SD): These people are founders of Safe Depositary. Founders differ from management team. I am the CEO but I am employed by the company so these people are the real owners. All information about management team including biography and detailed profiles can be found in About us section on our website.

(HN): Lastly, we ask you to tell us a little about the way this team works. Tell us about a usual working day at SafeDepositary.
(SD): Usually the day starts from analyzing the information from our analysts. They bring a lot of offers and all chiefs including myself have to take decision what to buy, what to sell and what to hold this day. After that we just control our traders and give them the signals what to do. This business works like a clock because our team is well-experienced and everyone understands each other here.

(HN): The last question is open and you can say anything you wish to readers of HYIPNews.com.
(SD): I would like to thank readers for reading my interview and I really hope it was interesting to read it. Thanks everyone who became our client, we really appreciate it and we are doing our best to make our investors happy!

We thank you for your time and hope that now our readers got acquainted with the company Safe Depositary much closer. Leadership does not mean only great opportunities but also great responsibility. We wish you success in this glorious and tough journey.

Matthew Dowson special for HYIPNews.com

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