Updated: 02/16/2011 10:54
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InformalInvestors ( is one of the programs monitored by It has been successfully developing for 6 months and we...

Informal-Investors ( is one of the programs monitored by It has been successfully developing for 6 months and we decided to ask Ebl, the admin of this program to tell us about the development of his project and its successes. A minute later after I send an e-mail, I received a response that he would tell everything soon. That was super fast :). That’s how HYIP admins should reply! And here is the information for HYIPNews readers from Ebl:

“Informal-Investors is at the present time over six months online, which we are satisfied what could be managed thanks to my dear investors. Through over 1000 Associates, we helped many startups to develop their business. Daily young entrepreneurs reach us, were we are checking if this entrepreneurship should be funded. For this reason, we allow to provide some gratuity premiums up to the time of 31.03.2011: 5% Deposit Gratuity for investments over 250 USD 10% Deposit Gratuity for investments over 750 USD Every deposit Gratuity must be adjusted from informal-investor team manually. Consider also informal-investors offer affiliate gratuity. Which permits to earn money, without investing.”

Thank you Ebl for sharing this information with us. And I remind our readers that there is a personal forum of Informal-Investors at where you can post payment proofs and leave testimonials: HYIP Forum (This link used to lead to a forum, it is no longer relevant). A Short Review with a detailed description of this program can be read here.

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