Updated: 02/17/2011 10:41
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Recently we have started a series of articles called Forex HYIPs. In our first publication you could read about Forex market and the way it operates: Forex HYIPs. And today we have decided to take a look at programs that are related to FOREX and analyze their characteristics. The thing is that FOREX is one of the most lucrative kinds of trading. Because HYIPs offer the highest possible passive income, it is natural that HYIP admins often use FOREX in their legends. It's hard to say whether it is true or not, moreover that by the rules of game, you should not trust anyone in HYIP Industry. However, if HYIP uses a FOREX legend or its admin says that he trades on FOREX, he also provides investors with additional information that helps determine a more reliable project. Today we are talking about and offers investors 2.5% daily and informs right on the main page they make profit by cooperating with FOREX traders. There is a trading chart with currency pair EUR/USD. There is nothing else about FOREX on the website. However, this project has been successfully operating for 7 months without any problems and it is possible that it will operate up until the spring or even longer. By the way, the use of Forex legend for explaining high returns has become so common, that it is very rarely supported by any evidence or information. also informs that they make profit by trading right on the main page. In addition to currency trading, EnzexFinance is also involved in trading stocks. By the way this project offers 1.2% per day. Unlike WelchFund, the admin of this HYIP decided to leave ABOUT page ( on his website (which is created on a standard engine). In addition, on the right of the website you can see the live chart with Stock Market quotations. The text of the page ABOUT is not fully original, but in general it does not describe trading activities of the company

As you can see, both programs that make profit in the FOREX market do not inform much about their activities. There is neither evidence nor description of strategies. In general, it is a typical situation for HYIP and this did not stop from operating for more than 100 days and from starting paying investors net profit. We will continue gathering information on FOREX HYIPs.

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