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On Monday we published the first out of two publications about the terms related to referral earnings online. We all know that referral commissions...

On Monday we published the first out of two publications about the terms related to referral earnings online. We all know that referral commissions are one of the driving forces of a dangerous high-yield industry. Therefore, knowing all the words and concepts associated with it will help you better understand everything that happens around. We remind you that in case you think that we have missed some word or explained it in a wrong way, we'll be happy to take your opinion into account. We wish you successful commission earnings!

Downline . When you start your referral activities, meaning when you invite someone somewhere, you build your downline. People who follow you - this is the downline. This is one of the ways to name referrals of referrers, i.e. downline is literally a list of people who registered on the site of the program on your recommendation. That is, using your link. I do not know how much popular this term is, but it is obvious that it provides a very convenient definition of the foundation on which inpayment of commission from the program is based.

Referral Shark . It is a contemptuous definition of those participants of HYIP Industry, whose purpose is to receive referral commissions at any cost. Those who are to blame in unprincipled and immoral activities aimed at making profit by fooling investors are called Referral Sharks. Most often popular bloggers, monitors and promoters who promote HYIPs are considered to be Referral Sharks.

Referral Policy . This term is not common in HYIP Industry yet. Referral policy of the program is usually formulated in TOC or in FAQ. The main parameter regulated by referral policy is permission or prohibition of HYIP to create multiple accounts on investors referral link. Sometimes it is even prohibited to create more than one account but sometimes it is not. However, this does not mean that you can receive referral commission on your deposits.

RCB . Referral commission back is a mechanism of compensation, which means calculation a compensation in the form of a proportional increase of referral commission received from your deposits. More information can be found here.

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