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Yesterday a program called KlickWallet.com was closed. It was another brilliant project in a series of short-term paying on expiry HYIPs. They appear every day, close even more often … and continue deceiving investors. If you look at the detailed KlickWallet page on our website (here), then with the help of our diagrams you will be able to make sure that even after a month of work, i.e. after 6 cycles, this program brought slightly more than a half of the deposit amount. That is, if you invested $100 and reinvested this money after each cycle, you would lose at least $40 as a final result.

Of course, short-term programs allow you to make profit after a single cycle. Of course, many programs operate longer than for a month and many of them help make money. However, investing in them requires having certain experience, skills, and most importantly - an understanding of what is happening. The operation of a short-term program is a struggle which aims to hold down investors. Hit and run strategy destroys such kind of programs and their administrators invest big money in order to hold investors down. In case they do not manage to do that - the project closes.

The administrator of KlickWallet is an experienced HYIP operator who is engaged in launching similar projects all the time. It is unlikely that he would be interested in others recognizing his project and withdrawing money once they get their deposits back. However, if you are confident that this project will run for a few cycles, you have an opportunity to risk. Just remember that short-term programs rarely work long enough for you to passively earn money. Vice versa, investing in short-term programs requires extreme attention, awareness and understanding of risks.

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