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Last week we published an article about the two programs that make profit in the FOREX market. Today we have a conversation with the third one. FxCambier has been operating for some time and has approved itself. They have begun a new advertising campaign and we were able to talk to them within the framework of this campaign. If you remember, last time we did not have the opportunity to find out much about Forex in HYIP investments. Therefore, we have great hopes for this interview.

HYIPNews.com (HN): Hello, please introduce yourself and your company. What is your position in the company? By the way, what does the name FxCambier mean?
FxCambier (FC): My name is Robert Johnson and I am Administrator of FxCambier.com. FxCambier LTD is registered in UK under number: 07453301. You can search and confirm our registration through this link: http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk/6e741b5d3dfd88fdc637f2056930b09b/companysearch

We have been trading since 2002 and decided to come online which happened on 28th November 2010.

Cambier means Exchange in Spanish.

(HN): Describe your concept and the main idea of FxCambier in short. What are the particularities of your project?

(FC): Our main idea to start the online part of our business was to help online investors who cannot trade for themselves and prevent them from losing money with Scammers and Ponzi schemes.

We really trade in Forex and GENERATE income. We prove this by offering Managed Forex Account. Also we recently have got a Verified VIP Partnership with InstaForex.

(HN): What makes it possible for you to be able to offer investors from 1.3% a day?
(FC): Our experience and our risk management methods make us able to offer our plans.

(HN): How is investors' money used? What is a scheme of working with it? Do you start trading this money in currency market right after a deposit is made or does it all work in some different way?
(FC): It is already explained in our website , when we receive the funds from our members, they are sent to our brokerage account for trading.

(HN): Do you cooperate with individual traders or with the companies?
(FC): As already stated, we have our own team of traders.

(HN): What are their successes? What exactly do they trade? Do you provide any reports or information on the results of this work?
(FC): We do trade in Forex and sometimes in Stocks. But our main market is Forex. At the moment we only offer Managed Forex Account which would be under the name of the investor and we would trade for him/her.

(HN): How does your organization operate? How many people work for the company? Tell us about the infrastructure.
(FC): We have 9 employees for support, marketing and financial departments. And 9 traders.

(HN): Is your company registration in the UK? Is there an office address? Is it the address where people work or is it a postal address?
(FC): It is registered in UK and the office address where people work is on the website.

404 Albany House, 324-326 Regent Street, London W1B 3HH, U.K

(HN): You accept payments and pay profits via RoutePay, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, LibertyReserve, Alertpay and Bank Wire. RoutePay is very rarely used in HYIP. What is the reason for such choice?
(FC): Well, we have added RoutePay as we were asked to do so by some of our members. And as we always say, we care about our customers.

(HN): Does an investor invest and receive profits in a single currency or is it possible to make a deposit via LibertyResererve and get PerfectMoney. Is there a withdrawal minimum? How fast do you pay?
(FC): There is no exchange facility in our website as we are not an exchanger. We pay in less than 24 hours and in most of the cases in 2 hours or even less (sometimes in minutes). Actually it all depends on the time of withdrawal request and the time zone differences. However, in our website it is said in 1-3 working days, which is the precaution if our withdrawal took more than we expected to be processed.

(HN): Successful investment companies typically do not make any rapid changes and do not change the functionality of a site and its content all the time. Do you also plan to make only minor changes or do you plan to change FxCambier a lot?
(FC): I think we already have proved to be a successful project and we would go the same path of other successful ones.

(HN): As far as I know, there is a telephone number for communicating on your website. Does it operate by schedule? Is English the only available language?
(FC): For now English is the only available language but we plan to add more languages to our support. And the phone support is available between 8AM-12PM EST as it is mentioned in our website too.

(HN): The last question is open and you can tell readers of HYIPNews.com anything you want.
(FC): I want to thank you for giving us this opportunity. I can assure our members that we keep our promises. We try our best to improve our services day by day. As we have already added Bank Wire option and became VIP Verified Partner of InstaForex. We have great plans ahead and will make FxCambier the best.

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