Updated: 03/03/2011 14:58
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The admin of AMF Limited released another video on Youtube showing his fish farm and telling about the current situation

Tish, the admin of AMF Limited (amf1989.com) has released another interesting video on Youtube showing his fish farm and telling about the current situation. Of course, I watched it, and I should say that the fish farm looks pretty big now and there is a lot of fish in there. In the beginning of his story, Tish tells that they didn't manage to sell the planned amount of fish on time because it was smaller size than necessary. However, now everything is getting back to normal and the good news is that the price of fish has increased which means that this business is going to be more profitable.

You know, there are lots of talks in HYIP industry regarding one or the other HYIP and everyone tries to figure out which HYIPs are engaged in real business and which are not. Well, I suppose it is pretty clear that AMF Limited is a real one and even though Tish does not offer sky-high profits, you can see where exactly your invested money goes and how it is used. He is also probably the only admin in the industry now who shows his real face.

If you wish to make a deposit, you should know that there is only one investment plan in this project. It offers 5-25% monthly for a period of up to 72 months. The minimum deposit is $10 and there is no limit for a maximum deposit. A referral commission at amf1989.com is 5%. We wish AMF Limited success and are waiting for new videos from.

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