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Greetings, dear friends. We are the team at HYIPNews.com and there are seven of us as of today. We continue actively working, despite the skepticism of many market participants. Moreover, we welcome all new participants in the field of high-yield investments, all new information-blog-monitoring projects that share our values and our priorities. We are confident that as long as new people come to high-yield industry and try to make money here in honest way, this field will exist for a long time. In any case, no matter how the ways of high-yield earnings change, those who try to work honestly will always succeed in this field. This means that HYIPNews.com and its supporters will always have an audience. We are saying so because our audience consists of thoughtful and consistent investors and includes almost all bloggers who write about the high-yield field. You should think about that. I am almost sure that each of them is a successful investor. Let me introduce you some of them.

Good-Investors-Online.com is practically HYIPNews in Russian. They also try to cover as much information as possible, they also have a news export and they try to keep investors informed all the time. We have presented our cooperation in the latest observer of our development.

This project also sees the field of high-yield investments broader and they understand that high-yield income is not only HYIP. Recently they have told about investing in PAMM and today we are pleased to present you this article in English. As you can see, any project in any language can find its niche and contribute to the development of our industry for which it is vital to have two components now: honesty and openness.

Investors are not as trustful as they used to be and many HYI-participants are trying to create a semblance of clubs, with registration and verification and with information which is totally controlled by the interested parties in order to deceive investors. We think it's wrong. We are convinced that only efforts focused on spreading information as quickly and as fully as possible will stop the swindlers and reduce the risks a little. It will protect your funds.

Therefore, ANY visitor can leave comments even without registration at HYIPNews.com. And we are pleased to announce that the number of comments has grown significantly over the past two weeks. Of course, spam also became more regular but we are happy to fight it for such an active feedback. We have not seen publications drawing such attention elsewhere.

Therefore HYIPNews.com makes every effort to spread information more broadly. There are 14 sites in the list of our partners now. That is, our audience includes not only the audience of our site but our news can be also seen by visitors of those blogs and sites that I called like-minded above. Those who do their job in order to reduce risks and make it possible to earn more.

Now if you search for some HYIP through Google, you can see the name of the program, its status and date of last payment on the site hyipnews.com. It is very convenient and modern. You do not even have to go to our website. Enter "a name of the program hyipnews" and the situation with payments will be clear. And the fact that our statuses can be relied on is not worth mentioning. The reputation of our project has not been sullied by deceiving investors or by intentional promotion of dishonest HYIPs and now it's finally starting to pay us off.

Each program at hyipnews.com has a page that includes detailed information and illustrative diagrams showing the effectiveness of projects operation. There is also a forum at HYIPNews.com and we assure you that this is an independent forum that is not sponsored by administrations so you can ask ANY questions there.

If the program has problems, the news about this are published on our site immediately. It can be seen on our site and on other 14 websites. We write news basing on our readers' complaints, on our agents reports and you can even see the most detailed reports on the situation in the market, problematic and new programs twice a week.

We are now actively engaged in communications and are exploring ways of promoting important investment information more broadly. HYIPNews.com is a site of investors for investors. And we, like any other investor, strive to reduce the risks of our deposits. We have to minimize the risks in order to do that and each of you can help us.

Please send us any updates of any programs in any form to pub@hyipnews.com or leave them in the thread "news talks" on the forum. All these comments will be posted in the live mode on the site thebestinvesting.com. You can add the RSS feed of this blog or just add it to your bookmarks.

In addition, we need moderators. We invite all bloggers who visit our website while searching for information or anyone who just wants to be a part of our project. Your tasks will include evaluation of information published by our agents and visitors of our site, as well as you will answer questions, moderate discussions and delete spam. Of course, the work will be paid. By the way, the comments in our forum are also paid.

But dont forget that we do not need pointless traffic and we do not promote in order to earn with the help of referral commissions. We are enthusiasts of information and investments, therefore only valuable and useful information will be highly evaluated. And we do not pay usual $0.10 which many forums offer. We pay up to $ 1 for 1 post (!).

Keep up. High-yield industry has not yet exhausted its possibilities and is simply becoming more difficult for scammers to operate in. Do not be afraid of new large bubbles and mistakes. Just learn and work more diligently on your strategy. HYIPNews.com and at least 14 sites are one of the best tools for this, which is proved by our own experience.

P.S. A week ago a full-scam-base for testing the closed projects was implemented at HYIPNews.com. I will tell you about it the next week.

About the author

Charles Morris works as the Chief Editor of HYIPNews for 5 years. Before 2010 has been working as a freelance copywriter writing for online newspapers, blogs, magazines and online portals in the sphere of investment. Since 2010 has been accepted to the team of HYIPNews as a copywriter. Used to write exclusive materials for HYIPNews. Have shown great skills in managing day-to-day publications and since April 2011 has been appointed for the position of HYIPNews Chief Editor. Among the current duties the main ones is to oversee all of the authors' publication and ensure that each issue is released on time and in a professional manner. Apart from the position of Chief Editor, Charles Morris also takes the post of the Support Manager of HYIPNews.
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