Updated: 03/28/2011 11:18
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This unpleasant news came from SafeDepositary. The administration informs that instant withdrawals to AlertPay are temporarily stopped.

This unpleasant news came from SafeDepositary ( The administration informs that instant withdrawals to AlertPay are temporarily disabled. The thing is that there is a hacker who makes deposits from stolen account, cancels these deposits and requests a withdrawal to his own account. The problem has to be solved by SafeDepositary now because AlertPay does not provide any security options to prevent these fraudulent manipulations. It is informed that it will take two or three days or even less for program's technical department to fix the problem and get the solution ready. Now every AlertPay withdrawal is reviewed by operator before processing. Average processing time is just 8-12 hours.

Well, there have been lots of problems involving AlertPay recently. For example, the account of was suspended but then fortunately the problem was successfully resolved and this program continues operating accepting LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, Bank Wire and AlertPay (read our news about this issue here). In the same news you can read about another program that has problems with AlertPay and apparently the problem is not resolved yet. We are talking about a WallStreetCompany and I tried to contact the administration regarding this issue with AlertPay because it has been 17 days since the account of WSC was suspended (it was informed in our news here) and we haven't received any notifications on the development of the situation. However, the administration of the program is not replying. Therefore if you tried to contact them and got a reply, please inform us about it.

P.S. Here is the latest information from SafeDepositary:

“Safe Depositary specialists completed integrating anti-fraud module to prevent deposits from stolen AlertPay accounts. Instant withdrawals to AlertPay are enabled again. Happy investing with Safe Depositary!”.

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