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Among those many updates sent out by ExoticFX , there is one that is very important and concerns the addition of new investment plans. That newsletter...

Among those many updates sent out by ExoticFX, there is one that is very important and concerns the addition of new investment plans. That newsletter informs about all the benefits of joining ExoticFX and its FTA programs. They say that they have been constantly asked for a shorter term plan and I'm sure that many of you, our readers have deposits in one or two short-term programs from time to time. Without a doubt, short-term programs are much riskier than the long-term ones. However, many long-term programs open short-term plans after operating for a while and becoming popular. That's when investors think that it is not so risky to invest but it is not always true.

ExoticFX is one of those programs and its new plan is called FTA.01. It will pay 6% on expiry and last for one week (5 business days), the interest will paid on expiry too, so your total return is going to be 106% after 5 days. The second plan is a longer-term one. It is called FTA.10 and will run for ten weeks (50 business days). The interest rate in this plan is variable from 2.5% to 5.0% per day based on company's actual overall performance. Your principal and your total profit will be returned on expiry which is going to be from 225% up to 350% total return. Well, this plan is extremely dangerous and the introduction of it might not mean a good thing, despite the reputation of ExoticFX.

Both plans have been already launched. Of course, it is up to you to decide but just keep in mind that this offer is available only to those investors who are the members of Forex Trade School/FTA. It is free to register for those programs and the administration really tries to attract as many investors as possible to those programs.

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