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Hyip Monitor
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Openings Prosperity Cause (prosperitycausecom) 44-5% daily! Art Of Profit (aoprofitcom) 106% after 3 days or 120% after 7 days! Canada Daily (canada
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Prosperity Cause (prosperitycause.com) 4.4-5% daily!
Art Of Profit (aoprofit.com) 106% after 3 days or 120% after 7 days!
Canada Daily (canada-daily.net) 1.5-3.6% daily!
I4dollar (i4dollar.com) 17.5-26.5% daily or 122-230% after 30 days!
RQ Investment (rqinvestment.com) 1.2-2.5% daily or 9-20% weekly!
Simple Gain (simple-gain.com) 105-109% after 1 day or 112-120% after 2 days!
Omnia Treasure (omniatreasure.com) 23-30% daily for 5 days!
Begin Fund (beginfund.biz) 107-120% after 1 day or 125-170% after 3 days!
BeaTrust (beatrust.com) 2-3% daily!
Direct Cash (directcash.biz) 9% daily for 3 days or 108.9% after 1 day!
FX Co Plus (fxcoplus.com) 2-3% daily!
Speed Wealth (speedwealth.org) 107-125% after 1 day or 150-225% after 4 days!
Gold vasion (goldvasion.com) 1.8-2.4% - after 3 days, 2.1-2.7% - after 120 days!

BF-Spring (bf-spring.com) - not paying
King Finance (kingfinance.biz) not paying site is offline
Appale Shares (appaleshares.com) not paying
MedioPay (mediopay.com) not paying
Profit Deluxe (profitdeluxe.com) not paying
Gain Masters (gainmasters.com) not paying
Cakebond (cakebond.com) not paying
Global-Gain (global-gain.com) - not paying

As we may see these programs have different terms and conditions. Anyway, they are all have problems with payouts. We wish them to solve their issues and pay to all investors as soon as possible.

Good News.
We are happy to announce that Profit-Reservation (profit-reservation.com) company has solved its temporary issues with login. So investors may procced to earn money with this program. Nice work admin!

Friday May 13, 2011 Fast Market (fastmarket.biz) this program gives constant fresh news about their activity with the help of NASDAQ session here http://fastmarket.biz/?a=cust&page=martketnews
Wednesday May 11, 2011 1AutoPay company has added the possibility to invest with the help of credit cards. You just have to register, click on the Make deposit, choose Deposit by credit card and simply follow the instruction.
Friday May 12, 2011 ExoticFX announced about new payment option bank wire transfer. Plus new referral system, now it is 5% for each 1st level referral and 2% for 2nd level. These changes will definitely become suitable for each investor type.

May 12, 2011 EarnoSphere due to the 120 days of its existing announced about 5% bonus to all accounts starting from $120 LR(Liberty Reserve). It is a really great news! Anyway do not forget that it is a hyip and we should think twice before using such new possibilities.

Dandelion Finance, Genuine Bank (28 days), Net Profits Llc (348 days), Volcano Empire (51 days), Nano-Inv (37 days), EOS Investment Fund (16 days), Dollars Instant (11 days), Mvp Return (10 days), Catalyst ROI (8 days), Not-a-Hyip (8 days), Partner Inv (9 days), Success Fund (9 day), InvRaise (17 days), Golden Wealth Group (26 days)

HYIP Blogs.
Top 10 HYIPs due to the opinion of hyip blog investment monitor. http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/05/12/top-10-best-hyips-may-2011/ As we all know the more information we have the higher percent of our success! We are sure that if our investors and visitors will use as much sources of hyip program statuses as possible it will help to see the whole picture. In any case, you can always compare the information about this or that hyip on different sites! We are glad to present you an interesting blog concerned to the HYIP sphere http://mandarin123.com/ Remember, we are not related to this source, we want you to know that if you a real expert in the world of HYIP then it is possible for you to create your own blog! Anyway, why to waste your time if you already have the best informational source HYIPNews? ;)

HYIP Forums.
Intersting thoughts about Online Gambling. Really long but interesting topic http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r288919-.html This thread will be useful for those investors who is interested in voting on one of the best monitoring sites GoldPoll http://goldentalk.com/t34902.html

Be ware of phishing emails! Jambutty gives the detailed information about the present situation http://goldentalk.com/t51402.html

Liberty Reserve Account was hacked and $ 7K were stolen! http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r328115-.html

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