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NewGNI admin, Jurgen has issued another newsletter, where he is reporting that Liberty Reserve is no longer accepted for deposits to NewGNI . The...

NewGNI admin, Jurgen has issued another newsletter, where he is reporting that Liberty Reserve is no longer accepted for deposits to NewGNI. The reason to that is continuous troubles with Liberty Reserve accounts. As many investors know many Liberty Reserve customers have recently been suffering from blocking their accounts. As declared NewGNI considers negligent allowing its members to risk own funds within Liberty Reserve payment system and hence for the security of investors' the decision was taken to stop accepting Liberty Reserve any longer.

All withdrawal requests on currently running programs will be paid to Liberty Reserve accounts if preferred by the members. For those, not interested in getting paid to Liberty Reserve, Currency Manager has been enabled once again. Within the newsletter Jurgen gives step-by-step manual on how to complete the exchange to Perfect Money or SolidTrustPay. Here it is:

"...Here is a quick How-To Guide:
1. On the left side of the members under ‘Main Menu' you will find the link to our ‘Currency Manager'.
2. After clicking on it you will find yourself on a page, showing your current account balances.
3. On the lower part, next to ‘Exchange From', you'll find pull-down menus for the Currency to exchange from. You should select Liberty Reserve here, all other directions are not possible.
4. Next to ‘Exchange To' you can choose, if you like your funds exchanged to SolidTrust Pay or to PerfectMoney. You can also choose if you like your funds exchanged to your Cash Balance to withdraw to your payment processor, or to the E-Wallet for re-investing.
Enter your secondary password and click on ‘Convert Currency'. You are done and your funds will immediately reflect in either your Cash Balance or your E-Wallet. You will also be notified by email, once the transaction is rendered.
Unfortunately there are fees associated with these transactions:
The exchange fee for Liberty Reserve => PerfectMoney is set to 8%
The exchange fee for Liberty Reserve => SolidTrust Pay is set to 7%..."

Along with abandoning Liberty Reserve another payment and deposit alternative has been offered to NewGNI investors. The management has agreed to add EgoPay as an additional payment option.

At the end of the newsletter Jurgen announces the winners of the August Sweepstakes contest. Their names are: Marc Finnigan, Jennifer Westhuizen and Toby Gallagher. Congratulations to all three getting $50 iTunes Gift Card. The September Sweepstakes contest will be announced next Friday on September 14.

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