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Greetings dear investors and visitors, today we will talk about the program ForexForks ( Due to the information on the official site,...

Greetings dear investors and visitors, today we will talk about the program ForexForks ( Due to the information on the official site, ForexForks is an online webpage that enables everyone to invest funds easily and confidently in a sphere of Forex. Right on the home page we can see the certificate, so you could understand whom you are dealing with. Who is the boss and what is the official name of the company.

Also on the site, we may find a unique information about the team of ForexForks. I must admit that if it is a real office then it is looking good! It is a usual situation when we see people's photos, anyway this great company gave not only photos but also posts and even personal contacts. Lets start from the coordinator of ForexForks William Giller. His prime aim is organization of traders, cost accounting and website functioning, which are his prime responsibilities. Here is his email address: [email protected] Administrative and financial issues are under Simon Moors controll. He is also involved in strategic management of the company. You can contact Simon here: [email protected] Admit that ForeksForks gave e-mail of each representative. Anyway, lets speak about one of the most important persons Chris Stevenson “ senior analyst. Chris deals with market research and the development of trading strategies for investment. You may mail him here: [email protected]

You can find photos of these men at the site. Of course lots of sceptics, I repeat myself, refer to such legend confirmation suspiciously. Anyway, in the world of high yield investing it is more important HOW instead of WHAT administrators announced.

I must admit that work on Forex market needs lots of time to have a success and if take a look at the domain name registration date we will see such a picture. The domain name registration: 29/09/2006 and it is paid till 29/09/2012. It is quite unique term these days. Don't know for sure, is it a good or a bad sign, anyway if the term of the domain name will become longer for another seven years it will be a good sign for sure!

Now lets see the most interesting part of any HYIP project. I am talking about the investment plans. We all know that there are many kinds of investment plans and as experienced HYIPNews agent, I must admit that plans of ForexForks company are quite interesting. Well, I propose you to take a closer look at them:

You can start your investment with $2. It is the minimal investment sum. Principal will be returned in the end of investment period. Compounding option is available but has different positions in each investment plan. There are three investment plans and the minimal daily percent of payouts is 1.3% and the maximal is 2%. Life term of each plan is 150 days. As it was written before, compounding option in each plan is different. Irabbit Plan - 100% compounding, Wolf Plan - 50% and Lion Plan - 25%. Irabbit Plan is really good for starting. Minimal investment sum is $2 maximal - $200. If you are not quite sure and have some doubts, you are welcome to test the program with the help of Irabbit Plan the daily percent of payouts is 1.3%. Wolf Plan has much bigger investment limit - $2000, but the daily return is also higher 1.5%. Lion Plan has the most profitable percent of daily payout 2.0% and the maximal investment has no limit. Anyway, it has the smallest compounding percent 25%.The highest daily payout rate, the biggest minimal investment sum and as you can see compounding option is also available! Of course to start investing in ForexForks you have to choose e-currency from the list of those which are available in this HYIP project: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay.

I am sure that for any type of investor referral system of HYIP project has great value. That is why you are welcome to take a look at the affiliate program of ForexForks company. As we already know the daily percentage is fixed and as for the referral bonus it is also stable. You may earn additional 5% of each investment that was made with the help of your referral link.

Information about the office location is very important for the image of any HYIP project. ForexForks has such information on its official webpage. The office of the company is situated in United States on the 14 Old Rudnick Lane Dover DE 19901.

Also you may use a phone to contact them: +1(302) 261-26-77 Or simply use a mail: [email protected].

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