Updated: 06/15/2015 12:16
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latest hyip news digest june 15 2015
See the latest news from Infinity Finance, Poker Automatics, Asset Order, Albion Union and Empire Funds in the latest HYIP news digest published
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See the latest news from Infinity Finance, Poker Automatics, Asset Order, Albion Union and Empire Funds in the latest HYIP news digest published

In the latest news digest published today we are pleased to inform about the news posted by four programs, monitored at HYIPNews. Albion Union for a start. The HYIP is taking the fist place in the listing. The news update from the admin of the HYIP was rather short. Within the news some information about the weekly trading performance has been provided. As reported weekly profit made reached 15.75% on average due to multiple trading strategies used. Another update says that Guest Access to the corporate Forex trading account has been provided by the admin of the project with the purpose to give common knowledge about the company trading activity.

Another update has been delivered lately by the admin of Asset Order. That is a new HYIP, listed only for 21 days. The update from the admin of this HYIP has even been shorter and touched upon the server maintenance held by the technical specialists of the program lately. Due to the maintenance some payments were processed manually. As of now, the maintenance is over and instant payments have been resumed.

Poker Automatics, being the second HYIP listed at HYIPNews reports of the script update due to increasing number of the clients and popularity growth of the system. As the Poker Automatics script was updated the usability and performance of the project has been increased. There is also an update concerning the new regional representative from the Netherlands added to the list of official partners of the project. Traditionally Poker Automatics daily results are posted on the website.

Infinity Finance celebrates two months online and completes the first investment cycle. For every investor, who deposited on the first day of the program run investment plans are completed and principals are paid back. As days go by the number of completed plans will be increased and two options are available for the members: to re-deposit or withdraw the principal.

And finally there is an update from Empire Funds, regarding the the bitcoin deposits. Recently there have been troubles with adding them to members' accounts because of Blockchain's API problems. As the problems were fixed the deposit become shown on the accounts of Empire Funds members.

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