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Greetings, dear investors and visitors. Today the world of HYIP has changed. HYIPNews is working hard to give you hottest news and statistic. We are always trying to give information you need in the form you like. Today we want to tell you about great project appeared on our site 14 days ago. We all hope that they will help you to earn on Summer holidays. But still, you should remember that HYIP industry is quite risky game and you always can loose your deposit. In this case at this time it will be really unpredictable result.

Due to the information on the official site, MAHI Fund ( is trading since 2009. It is the full property and a registered brand of Malcom Arsley Holding Inc. Using This domain was registered on 31/03/2011 and it is paid till 31/03/2012. Of course the official company is great but I am sure that our investors and visitors need more than words. Especially in this field where such things called legend.

I am sure that our auditory needs program that can be trusted. Well, at least the whole impression of this program - administration has done everything to make investors feel confidence with them. This part of the job is done well. Lets look at the most interesting and important side of any HYIP project.

Investment Plans. As we all know, there are many investment plans around the sphere of HYIP industry. We may choose any daily percent of payouts or any term. Anyway, it looks like chaos and it is good to know that MAHIFund has only three but unique investment plans for you to choose. Stable percent of payouts make us think that program has strong plan due to which all investors will receive profit for a long time. Agree, that fixed percent of daily payments speaks about the serious expectancies. It is really good think to know how much will you earn next day!

Due to the first two plans principal is returned at the end of investment period. In the third plan (GAMMA Plan) principal is included in profit. Specially for me, it is good to know that principal is returned, cause have your own money plus the profit that company pays it is twice better. As I have said, first two plans Alpha and Beta returning principal in the end of investment period, but they have shorter investment period. 15 days in ALPHA plan and 25 days in BETA. The third plan (GAMMA) is working for 30 days. That is one month. Agree, that is not bad to receive from 170% to 180% after only 30 days.

Looks like MAHIFund has decided to make investment plans even more comfortable. Because each plan has his own unique structure. For example Alpha plan. Looks like MAHIFund have decided to make investment plans even more comfortable. Because each plan has his own unique structure. It doesn't matter if you invest with Euro or Dollars. MahiFunds accepts these two currencies. For example Alpha plan: 1% of daily payouts if the deposit range: $/5 - $/250. Of course, if you want to have bigger percent of daily payouts the deposit range will be different: 1.25% daily if the investment will be from $/251 up to $/1000. The highest percent of daily payouts 1.5% will be paid to you if the minimal sum of investment in Alpha plan will be $/1001 and the maximal sum you can invest for the daily 1.5% is $/50000

As we can see these conditions are really not bad - stable percent of daily payouts for 15 days only. If to take a look at the Beta plan we will see another picture with it's advantages and disadvantages due to the first plan. The daily percent of payouts is higher 2% - 2.5% for 25 days. And just like I said before this plan also has his own structure. 2% of daily payouts with deposit range $/5 - $/250. As you have already noticed MAHIFund has strong policy - the higher investment sum the bigger daily profit. So if you will invest from $/251 to $/1000 your daily percent of payouts will be 2.25% for 25 days.

Now, let's talk about really big percent you can earn on a really short period of time. MAHIFund has Gamma plan that offers 170%-180% after the end of investment term, that is 30 days. As it was already said in Gamma plan principal is included in profit. Yes, you may have your money only at plan expiration (there are no daily payouts) but it is worth of attention because if your investment sum will start from $/ 5 to $/250 you will have 170% in the end. If you want to have bigger profit in the end, you have to invest more money: $/251 to $/1000 and you will have 175%. There is no limit in MAHIFund. If you want to earn 180% your minimal deposit should be $/1001 the maximal investment sum is $/ 50000.

It is good option to have principal and profit. Of course there is no compounding option but the investment period is really short in all plans. From 15 to 30 days. It is not hard to wait for couple of weeks and earn 1% - 2.5% daily or even one month to have 170%-180% after 30 days.

Referral Program is very important for each type of investor. MAHIFund pays stable referral bonus 5% from every amount of funds deposited by investors who used your unique referral link. You may find your referral link after registration. Simply log in to your members area and you will find it. It is a really great option to earn additional money with the help of referral links. Many investors are investing through HYIPNews monitoring list to feel more safety because you can trust our payouts status. There is no need to have active deposit in MAHIFund to participate in the referral program. You may earn with the help of your referral link just after you pass a registration.

Payment Options. There are many e-currencies these days but MAHIFund offers you to cooperate with the best of them PerfectMoney, LibertyReserve and Alertpay. The choice is not easy but I am sure that each of you has his own preference.

General Website Features. Of course site design is really important for investment programs. MAHIFunds has really great webpage. It is comfortable and simple. If to take a look at the registration page, it is short and modern. It is obvious that there will be no problems with it. All information on the site is quite strict. It means that administration don't want to make investors feel lost. You may find the FAQ section in the end of the site and as it was already mentioned, all information is intelligible.

Security Features. Due to the whole time of HYIP world existing, security plays one of main role. You can go to any project and earn money but when someone steals your account or DDoS attack happens there will be no matter what plan you have choose MAHIFund has outstanding security level. SSL protection is provided by Comodo Group and it speaks about professional attitude to the security. Comodo service is paid till 14/05/2012. Anyway, SSL is the first important thing for any investor and MAHIFund has really not bad service of SSL protection. The second is DDoS protection. I am sure that you have already faced the situation when the site of HYIP program is offline. Then the panic begins. Nevertheless in 50% of most cases, it is a simple DDoS attack and there is no need to worry. MAHIFund has not bad DDoS protection provided by Staminus Communications. The location of the server US CA Fullerton, 92832 502 S. Harbor Blvd. It is a good thing indeed, to feel safety. If you are sure in security of the project then making a decision invest or not is becoming much faster

Contact Methods. HYIPNews team always tried to communicate with company administration to check their ability to respond. MAHIFunds answered. Communication shows prospects for the future cooperation. That is why Live Chat is good decision. MAHIFund has Live Chat and with the help of it you may contact the support service. Of course there are many kinds of investors. If you are in hurry, then you can simply leave a ticked and come back when you will have a free time to see the professional answer of MAHIFund.

Of course everything can happen. Anyway, the most obvious thing is that MAHIFund is well prepared company, of course we wish to see this program working for a long time. Anyway, everything depends on Administration of this interesting project. Not bad percent of payouts, quite short investment plans, good security level all these MAHIFund.

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