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The administration of WeltonTrust (weltontrust.com) has sent out a weekly newsletter to update all investors of this project on the recent...

The administration of WeltonTrust (weltontrust.com) has sent out a weekly newsletter to update all investors of this project on the recent developments and progress. They inform that the beginning of summer was marked by new great investment contracts and substantial influx of new investors. WeltonTrust has underwritten more than 100 million worth of promissory notes, which is going to bring serious profits withing several months. They continue:

“We have also finished the formation of our new trading unit, which is going to become active in July. The launch of independent trading operations should bolster our diversification level and provide the foundations for our second online pool which will be launched at the end of the year.”

Well, let's hope the administration of WeltonTrust is not just blowing smoke and they really plan to operate for that long and do everything they promised. It is not a secret that everyone in HYIP industry can say whatever he wants. However, we all want to see how the promise is kept and when they really do what they say about, will operate till the end of the year and longer, then it will be a real thing.

By the way, in our latest news about WeltonTrust, the summer 10% bonus was announced. And according to the administration, more than 1300 members have made new deposits during the last week. It is reminded that the bonus program will run till June 20 (although it was supposed to run till June 13 at the first place, so it was prolonged). This bonus is added on any amounts.

And the last announcement is regarding a local representative program which is open now. You can earn up to 12% bonus plus second tier commission. Contact the support team of WeltonTrust if you are interested in this offer.

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