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It has become a tradition to give you new programs first. Thus you can see the new tendencies in the world of new HYIP programs

It has become a tradition to give you new programs first. Thus you can see the new tendencies in the world of new HYIP programs and what investment plans admins prefer to create in the projects. So, you are welcome to the the hottest statistic on new HYIP projects.

GensFund (gensfund.com) 101-103% after 1 day or 106-122% after 3 days!
Corraliva 1.2-1.8% daily!
Forex Element 103-110% after 1 day or 116-155% after 5 days!
White Logic Investment 3-5% daily!
Forge Trade (forgetrade.net) 1.1-2.2% daily!
Fast Lane Investment (fastlaneinvestment.com) 6-15% daily or 105-108% after 1 day!

Mfs Trade (mfstrade.com), RichWallet (richwallet.biz), Forex 247 (forex-247.com), World Wide Earning (worldwideearning.com), DreamDeposit (dream-deposit.com), FakeProfit (fakeprofit.com), BetterMoney (bettermoneylife.com), LegitEarn (legit-earn.com), FontierFunds (fontier-funds.com), Instafd (instafd.com), IntrinSicinvestment (intrinsicinvestment.net), Ascentgain (ascentgain.com), Plusearn (plusearn.biz), YovaFund (yovafund.com), 12 Bonus (12-bonus.com), OnlineWealthFund (onlinewealthfund.com), AlineFunds (alinefunds.com), PamGroup (pam-group.biz), GoldTradeFX (goldtradefx.com), GoldTradeInv (gold-trade-inv.com), BestCapitalGroup (bestcapitalgroup.com), Invest Hot Daily (investhotdaily.com), CubeFunds (cubefunds.com).

It is obvious that there are many programs appeared this week. Well, it is good news indeed because as you have noticed many old programs have closed on the last week so we have lots of projects to learn. Hope you will find one or much more projects that will bring you profit!

Highway Profit (highwayprofit.com) - not paying
Hyip Technologies (hyiptechnologies.com) - not paying
Canada Daily (canada-daily.net) - not paying
Lithuania Trade (lithuaniatrade.net) - not paying
LPL Financial (lplfinancial.biz) - not paying
Liberty 4 Liberty (liberty4liberty.com) - not paying
Magic Fund Ltd (magicfund.biz) - not paying
Fine Gold Gains (finegoldgains.com) - not paying

These programs have problems with payouts. Anyway, never forget that if your program will come back to normal sooner than our next professional review, please contact us!

As you remember, in the previous survey we have wrote about short termed programs. Thus we have gained valuable lesson. Lux Inv has closed almost at the same day. If to be more concrete, they are not actually closed but they already have problems. Anyway, if they close we will publish a separate news with the analysis.

ForexCod (fxcod.com) keep informs its clients about the latest events in the world of Forex. Thus, they have published Kathy Lien's view on US retail sales report. Kathy is director of currency research at GFT. Also, ForexCod gave the information about EURO position in Europe.

ProfInWave (profinwave.biz) has published the result of the referral contest for the third week. The winner is user with ID174. He has received $100. As you can see, additional earnings with the help of referrals is quite popular. It is obvious that affiliate program is a great benefit for investors and HYIP companies.

Agents Reports and Readers Questions.
Unfortunately, we couldn't manage to contact the 5sTrade (5strade.com) administration. We, as people who in their profession, originally closer to communications than finances, can not find justification for this state of affairs. And we will never get tired of repeating that this is a problem of high-yield investing sphere. And now you can be sure that in the nearest future, among our programs there will be no programs which will communicate only with their promoters. You, as investors must rely on an acceptable level of communication. And we do not think that it is normal situation, when investors ask questions to us, not to the administration of programs. Bloggers, but not those to whom they entrust their money. After all, for those who make the deposit more than $ 100, there is no exception also​​.

Good News. Invest For You (invest-for-you.com) has get back to normal. It is a really good news, because it means lots of things. First of all, may investors have their money back plus this resurrection speaks about admins loyalty to his work. Congratulations to all investors of Invest For You company!

Closures. Alix Fund (8 days), Invest 2 Gold (9 days), Stable Roi (8 days), 1Autopay (119 days), Imo Funds (7 days), Prosperity Cause (43 days), 4 FI (355 days), FXM Co (421 days), Actual - Bank (15 days), Premium Invest Pro (26 days), Felix Earn (24 days).

It is always negative section in our review, but try to think positive! If to take a look at the life term statistic of some projects we could see that they have been worked over a year and it means that many people have earned not bad profit! HYIP is dead long live the HYIP!

HYIP Forums. Investing is the main principle of money earning in HYIP programs. Anyway, there many ways of investing except the HYIP programs. Thus, we have found interesting thread concerning HYIP and real investing. http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r331408-.html

What is HYIP Industry as a whole? There are no doubts that each of us has his own, personal view on this sphere of online money earning. Someone knows better this business and someone is more experienced. Let's see what people think about it. http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r331194-.html

These days each of us has his own page in Facebook. As we are all trying here to earn money, why no to earn it on Facebook? Or it is simply impossible? Let's take a closer look at people's point of view about this situation http://goldentalk.com/t50225.html

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