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I present you a list of all programs added to our monitoring list over the last week. Maybe you will find some that you like and they will help you...

I present you a list of all programs added to our monitoring list over the last week. Maybe you will find some that you like and they will help you make a lot of money :)

offers 3%-4% for 60 calendar days. There are three investment funds: Green Funds – 3% ($10-$100), Yellow Funds – 3.5% ($100.01-$1000), Black Funds – 4% ($1,000.01- $5,000). There are also two investment offers for VIP clients: VIP Contract Standard – 4.5% ($5,000-$50,000) and VIP Contract White – 5% ($50,000.01 and more). Deposits can be made via LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney

ElevadaFunds designed four investment plans for you. Principal is included in all of them. Plan 1 offers 3% for 60 calendar days on deposits from $10 to $100,000. Plan 2 brings 5% for 30 calendar days with the same minimum and maximum deposit. Plan 3 offers 6.5% for 20 calendar days with the same minimum but maximum is limited to $50,000 and there is also Plan 4 that will bring you 10% for 11 days on deposits from $50 to $50,000. ElevadaFunds accepts AlertPay, PerfectMoney, LibertyReserve.

Evoincome has high-ROI short-term plans for you. The minimum deposit amount in this project is $10. Plan A brings 4.3% hourly for 1 day with principal included. Plan B – 5% daily for 3 days with principal returned. Plan C offers 6% daily for 7 days (principal is returned). Plan D – 8% daily for 14 days (principal is returned). Accepted payment processors are LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney.

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ForexElement offers three investment plans: 103%-110% after 1 day ($10-$10,000) 116%-155% after 5 days (the same minimum and maximum). Principal is included in these plans. If you invest in the third plan that brings 4-10% daily for 7 days, you will be able to withdraw daily (and principal is returned). The minimum deposit in this plan is $250 and the maximum is $10,000 like the in first two plans. LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney are two accepted e-currencies.

Corraliva designed four investment plan with principal included in all of them. The investment period is 60 business days and your interest rate depends on the amount of your deposit. So, if you invest from $10 to $2,500 you will receive 1.2% daily in Simplex Plan, for deposits from $2,501 to $5,000 the interest rate is 1.4% daily in Fundamental Plan. If you are willing to invest from $5,001 to $7,500 in Professed Plan, then the daily interest will be 1.6%. And if you do not mind investing $7,501-$10,000 in Imperial Plan, you will receive 1.8% daily. Corraliva accepts LibertyReserve and AlertPay.

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