Updated: 07/08/2011 11:27
Hyip Monitor
In one of the latest newsletters the admin of Fxlandiar (fxlandiar.com) Rachel warns investors about a monitor called hyip. She assures that the...

In one of the latest newsletters the admin of Fxlandiar (fxlandiar.com) Rachel warns investors about a monitor called h-yip. She assures that the admin of this monitor sent her an email saying that the status of Fxlandiar has been changed to not paying. And here is her comment: “I will never use this kind of scam monitors. And I also suggest our members never trust such scam monitors.”

She also says that she is sorry because of a re-invest problem. The problem is fixed now but it may have caused some members' principle not credited to account when deposit matured. If you find out about any problem with your account, you should inform the administration about it. If no one reports on this issue, it will be considered fully fixed.

The last announcement concerns instant payments that were promised to be implemented. The secure test for instant withdrawals has been completed and instant withdrawals are available now. Keep in mind that for security reasons the daily withdrawal amount for each user will not exceed $199. Any amount above will be paid manually.

Fxlandiar joined HYIPNews three days ago and offers two investment plans: 2% - 3% daily for 5 days and 2.5% - 5% daily for 30 days. A minimum deposit amount is $5 and a maximum is $50,000 in both plans. Principal is returned on expiry. Deposits can be made via LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney.

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