Updated: 07/18/2011 12:49
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AGS Trade ( has important news for its investors. As you know, the list of accepted ecurrencies in this project includes LibertyReserve,...

AGS Trade ( has important news for its investors. As you know, the list of accepted e-currencies in this project includes LibertyReserve, PefrectMoney, AlertPay and GlobalDigitalPay. However, the last payment processor in the list GDP is no longer accepted which was announced in the latest update. The reason is its downward popularity. The administration informs that GDP might be included in the list again in the future if the situation gets better. Another announcement concerns compounding option for Alert Pay which was restricted for deposits made from July 12, 2011. Meantime, any Alert Pay deposit made before July 12 will not be effected by this new policy.

The update from PowerfulStrategy ( also concerns compounding option, however it is positive and informs that at the request of many investors, the ability to change compounding size of your active deposits has been implemented. To change a compounding rate, you should click on the icon and select a desirable rate. The administration of PowerfulStrategy has been constantly improving their project and you should feel free to contact them if you have any requirements or propositions.

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