Updated: 10/15/2009 20:07
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We love our readers and appreciate so much their feedbacks. Any message from you, dear readers, we are trying to use by maximum

We love our readers and appreciate so much their feedbacks. Any message from you, dear readers, we are trying to use by maximum. If this is warning about the fraud than we will investigate, research and wide spread. Doing everything possible to minimize the damage and decrease the number of victims. But when we receive a such letter like yesterday, we are just become at a deadlock and it's hard for us to do something. The message was: PLEASE SEND SCAM REPORT AND REPUTABLE INVESTMENT.

The simple search in Google allows to understood that Reputable Investment - is not the name of a company. Moreover, every second HYIP with pleasure call itself exactly "reputable". That is, the warning can: a) connect to the program which we have not found b) connect to all hyip projects. But it's not good thing to warn about all hyips. Each visitor of our site should know that they are dangerous. About searchings falseness I have a doubt.

I have only one idea on my mind. Being heard the word reputable, at least reminding recently stopped it's work Reputable Group. They have appeared in time for a two months, made a few payouts and than happily close. Now they are not working and their site ( is unavailable. There is no danger. If we were talking about them, so it would be better to warn, but it's too late now.

Dear readers, please be more concrete. It will help you to get more efficiency from our conversation. We will warn more investors, more concrete, faster and with more influence. Don't be modest. All informaton which you have may help, that's why always send us EVERYTHING what you know.

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