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We have received two emails from Opulentia (opulentia.ch). The first one informs about a scheduled maintenance that was conducted yesterday. They were...

We have received two emails from Opulentia (opulentia.ch). The first one informs about a scheduled maintenance that was conducted yesterday. They were switching to a different server, and the website was temporarily unavailable. The admin of the project apologized for that inconvenience in advance and said that this was a necessary measure on the way to improvements. He also promised that we would hear good news from Opulentia very soon. And that was really soon, cause we received the second newsletter the same day (which is last night).

It is informed that the transfer to a new server is completed and the website is already available in most parts of the world. First of all, Daniel informs that they experienced slight changes of timekeeping in the system. The thing is that during the transfer from the old to the new server, a mismatch of time happened on the servers and the time of all deposits was moved a couple of hours ahead. Daniel continues: “Some of our investors have already noticed this and asked us why they aren’t receiving the profit today. The profit is there, but it distributes a bit later than before because of the time mismatch. We are truly sorry for this problem.”

And here comes promised good news. As you know, Opulentia is almost six months old and in order to celebrate this event a celebratory “short term” plan has been announced. This plan offers 25% after 7 days + principal, so if you invest $100, you can withdraw $125 after 7 days. This plan is already opened for investments and it will be available until 180th day online. The other two plans (2.15% on every business day for 365 days and 11% for 55 weeks with principal returned on expiry) will continue operating even after that time.

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