Updated: 10/11/2011 15:53
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Yesterday one of our readers has sent the warning about novelprofit. The warning was as following I wish to report about novelprofit

Yesterday one of our readers has sent the warning about novelprofit. The warning was as following: I wish to report about, I made a deposit of 25$ in their 3 days plan but my account is still showing zero. I sent them a support ticket but no reply yet. Thanks

And then it starts with the verification procedure. Since administrators are often offended when any fake warnings are published, and so once we decided to verify them properly. We ask for screenshots, contact the admin. We sent 3 mails to make sure, feedback is absent. This was our ethics.

Since all this verification took not less than 3 days, all complaints could be published both in the news line and the survey. It is called HYIP Information Survey. No damage was made to the efficiency at all, and no one felt hurt.

However the author of the complaint regarding has mentioned one important thing: I am a follower of HYIPNEWS since few weeks and I like it a lot.May I suggest one thing ? Surveys are great but sometimes they come too late, we need like a live feedback , a place where users can report scam and it will updated directly.

To tell the truth it's not the first time we hear such offers. Some complaints, sent to us lately have not been posted at all, cause by the time when verification procedure was over, the site has gone offline. Our audience is growing and, indeed, some days of inappropriate status can cost deposits to dozens of investors. This problem is notable right now. And it's time to solve it.

Dear friends, be careful with They show 5 monitorings on their site, each one with Paying status. Though such a number of monitorings is not true. We don't have any reasons not to trust the person, who claimed the report to us. Besides, speak by the design and investment plans, Novelprofit was not pretending to long lifetime and initially offered investments with increased risks.

As you see, this information needs to be checked. We told it like it is, and haven't drawn any conclusions. Apart from that we published this data immediately after receiving it and once we have an opportunity to post it. We took the decision to do it on a regular basis. From now on, dear readers, your warnings and alerts are going to be published right after we get them. We'll work with them and reply all of them. If it's the complaint for the program from our HYIP-List, we'll take the measures.

So, starting from now one HYIP Informational Survey will contain only the summary of the actual info and warnings, which have not been sent to us personally. All signals you send to us using the Feedback form: are going to be published individually. So, if you want to make a deposit, you are highly recommended to enter the domain name of the program to the Search form on our site.

Now, if you enter into the search form, you will see 2 results. One is the notification about opening this program. Opening was on September 30. And now you will have an opportunity to learn of the report, as well as out thoughts on that. In case admin gives a reply and this situation is solved, we'll post the refutation. So, if you want to help development of the HYIP industry, you have a tool for that from now on! And the tool is

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