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Openings. Hello, dear readers of HYIPNews.com. It's Tuesday and we are back with the HYIP Informational Survey. All hot events, news about problem programs, the openings of the weekend. Blog updates and forum discussions. All this and much more are available in the HYIP Informational Survey by HYIPNews.com. We are working for you. Stay tuned at HYIPNews.com

Freedom Trading Ltd. 1.2-4% daily for 180 days!
Binv (binv.us) 5-6.5% daily for 30 Calendar Days!
Invest Core (investcore.biz) 11-15% daily for 15 days!
Globo Treasure 1.4-2.8% daily
AMS Returns 1.8-3% daily for 100 days!

(forexfond.net), Extra Deposit (exdeposit.com), Longterm Invest (longterm-invest.com), Grean Profit (longterm-invest.com), StableGrowth Ltd. (stablegrowth.biz), Smart Invests (smart-invests.com), Massive Gain (massive-gain.com), Diamond-Profit (diamond-profit.com), Stable Capital (stable-capital.com), See Profits (see-profits.com), EmasMoney (emasmoney.com), Reliance Invest (reliance-invest.com), Alton-Investment (alton-investment.com), Eu Income (eu-income.com), More Incomes Hourly (moreincomehourly.com), WillProfits (willprofits.com), One Cash (one-cash.com), Saga Income (sagaincome.com), BestDailyRevenue (bestdailyrevenue.com), Lyon Capitals (lyoncapitals.com), MyInvestment-Fund (myinvestment-fund.com), Metal Invest Group, Demetra (demetrainvestment.com), eMaxProfit (emaxprofit.com), GlobalCapitalCash (globalcashcapital.com), Exclusive Dollar (exclusivedollar.biz), Trusted Money Making Inc (trustedmoneymaking.com), Dollar Growth (dollar-growth.com), MVP Partner (mvppartner.com), Xchange Investment (xchangeinvestment.com), Capital Grow Fund (capitalgrowfund.com), Next Pay (next-pay.com), Stable Profit.

5 programs with detailed description in the openings section. That is what we call good weekend. And lots of other programs as well. The number of new HYIPs is incredible. Hope they are not all the short-term ones. One thing is for sure - following right strategy, one can profit from any investment opportunity, even the most incredible one. Remember that, dear investors!

Neo Progress - not paying
PMarkets - not paying
Online Investment Bank - not paying
UnfxTrade - not paying
Veritas Funds - not paying
Investment Models Inc - not paying
Invest Pro Group - not paying
Sapainv - not paying
Superb Earn - not paying
Oil Windfall Profits - not paying
Rapy Wealth - not paying
2breed - not paying
Gorgon Trade - not paying
Zacley-Investment - not paying
Anguilla Capital - not paying
Apontime - not paying
Silver 22 - not paying
Climber Club Investment - not paying
Real Financial Fund - not paying
Nature Income - not paying
Citycash - not paying

Today's release of the HYIP Informational Survey is "rich" in Problem programs. There are also some leaders and long-term ones, which are now in trouble. Investors to all programs, which are indicated in the Problems section are recommended to take the money out of them, if possible. You may consider yourself a lucky person, if you manage to do so. As for the rest, and the new ones, don't ever invest to any program, which is in trouble and is about to go down.

Earnest (earnest.eu) have added AlertPay to the list of accepted e-currencies.As it is announced the business accounts of the company is verified, so there is nothing to be afraid of. And the payouts are to be paid in manual mode. The support staff of Earnest (earnest.eu)asks for patience though.

Unitrust Direct (unitrust-direct.com) together with Insurance Brokers Investments Limited Company have organized the Investment Insurance service that is supposed to reduce investors' risks in case of any collapse. The deposits stored are guaranteed to be returned to the owners. At least, it's what they say... let's see what happens next with Unitrust Direct (unitrust-direct.com) after such a global update.

Good News.
Erinco Fund (erincofund.com) is the only good news in today's HYIP informational survey. As for the rest ones - either closed or still in Problems. Sorry for that and congratulations to the Erinco Fund (erincofund.com).

Liberty Reserve has been on maintenance for several hours. The maintenance was scheduled as it has been notified on the official blog of Liberty Reserve. The site of Liberty Reserve has been not available on November 5, between 07:00 (am) and 10:00 (am)(UTC): http://blog.libertyreserve.com/2011/03/scheduled-maintenance-10-march-1650-gmt.html

Genius-Income (132 days), FxStar Light (78 days), FxPromoter (55 days), FX Financing (16 days), FXBucks (13 days), Dollars Trade (13 days), World Class Traders (15 days).

HYIP Blogs. The new resource from the owners of the Private HYIP Blog. Frank gives detailed presentation of the new web resource, devoted to HYIPs. HYIPchat.com is a real time online chatting room for HYIP investors. Right now we can see it is rather popular among investors and seems to be extremely active. Communication between clients takes place in real time mode. Frank, the admin of Private HYIP Blog posts some news, gives his comments. All in all, this one looks pretty nice, simple and useful for sure. More information on the new chat web resource is presented here: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/11/06/new-hyipchat-com-you-are-not-alone/

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