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Today we present another project with the word “Forex” in its name. It is called XAU Forex LLC and here is how the administration explains...

Today we present another project with the word “Forex” in its name. It is called XAU Forex LLC and here is how the administration explains such a name: XAU - the ISO 4217 standard currency code of one troy ounce of gold. FOREX (foreign exchange market, FX, or currency market) - is a global, worldwide decentralized financial market for trading currencies. LLC - in the US, a limited liability company is a flexible form of business enterprise that blends elements of partnership and corporate structures organizations. The main investment strategy of the company is investing in gold. There are four plans for investors:

Silver Trades: 1% daily for 60 days (min. $1 – max. $100)
Managed Forex Investments – PAMM-system: 1.7% daily for 80 days (57 Forex trading days). Min. $100 – max. $500
Pure 999.9 Physical GOLD Investments: 2% daily for 100 days (min. $500 – max. $2,000)
Forex PAMM Advanced - Segregated Accounts: 3.0% daily for 120 days (85 Forex trading days). Min. $2,000 – max. $20,000.

Your principal will be returned on expiry in all plans. Compounding is available in all plans except for the Silver Trades. Also keep in mind that any user who invests $500 and more will receive a legal Share Certificate. LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and Bank wires are the accepted payment options. You can receive up to 7% referral commission if you promote XAU Forex. The used script is licensed from GoldCoders. The website id DDoS protected by KoDDoS and is SSL encrypted by Comodo.

The unusual thing is that according to provided address the office of the company is located in New York. I say unusual, because in most cases programs provide addresses in countries where there aren't lots of investors and where nobody will bother to go to check whether it is real. However, in this case any HYIP investor who lives in NY can verify this information. If you are one of them, here is an address for you: 72 Spring Street, 11th Floor New York. The phone number is +212-861-3788 and the email address is support@xauforex.net. There is also a live chat and a support form for you to ask your questions.

I should admit, that the aim of the administration of XAU Forex to look professional and to demonstrate that it is a reliable, registered and well-protected program has been reached. All security features are present, the investment plans are reasonable, there is an address of the office and even its picture on the “About Us” page and there are registration documents. Of course, all this information must be confirmed before making a deposit, but the efforts of the administration to make the project attractive are clear.

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