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Openings. The New Year 2012 has come! Congratulations, dear investors. Let's see what is happening in the HYIP arena these first days of the new year. We'll see what news are there with the HYIP prorgams. We'll give you a hint regarding the new programs and Problem HYIPs. In case there is something worth attention on HYIP blogs and forums, we'll show it to you. As usually we start with the openings.

Real Fusion Ltd. (realfusion-invest.com) 1.2-2.1% daily for 69-189 calendar days!
Etoro Gain Club 3-6% daily for 90-10 days!
InvFair Limited (invfair.com) 1.4-2.4% daily for 30-180 days!
BizToProfit (biztoprofit.com) 3-5% daily for 50 business days!
UForex (uforex.biz) 1.2-2.5% daily for 29-69 days!
Global Trade Trust 1.4-2.5% daily for 150 business days!

WorldGoldInvestment (worldgoldinvestment.com), Alpha V (alphav.biz), Eton Funds (etonfunds.com), MetalProfits (metalprofits.com), Wealth Stable (wealthstable.com), Euro ProfitInv (europrofitinv.com), Luxor Alliance (luxoralliance.com), Peaks Capital (peakscapital.net), Tour Fund (tour-fund.com), Steady Growing (steadygrowing.com), Profit Investing (profit-investing.com), Eurox Trader (euroxtrader.com), Genius Venture (geniusventure.com)

This first Tuesday of the new year we are glad to acknowledge that it's full of good news. There are five programs, which are worth detailed description within the informational survey made by HYIPNews.com. Dear investors, many new programs as usually. Please be careful and always make due diligence of your own.

Permanent Fund - not paying
Profits Max - not paying
Capital Faran - not paying
Oil Forex Investing Co - not paying
Hibret Forex Commercial Broker - not paying
Trade Swap - not paying
Finance To Fortune - not paying
Boyle - not paying
Att Income - not paying
Toba Finance - not paying
UMA Funds - not paying

Well, the start of the new year brings another list of problem opportunities. The list is not that large as many might have expected, though anyway, we have some problematic ones. Many investors should have realized that new year and Christmas threshold will be hard enough to survive for many HYIPs. This is a tradition for this type of market. Many programs simply close after the Christmas, without managing the lack of money inflow to their accounts. Particularly because of that, we shoulds mention having such a comparatively small list of Problem programs this Tuesday is not a bad sign at all. Still, no matter what, the programs above are not recommended for investing.

Events. LegderWallet (ledgerwallet.com) has posted another update on eDollarPoint, thus giving reasonable proofs that this HYIP is connectd with new payment processor eDollarPoint, rather questionable one. LedgerWalle (ledgerwallet.com) claims that the program will only accept LibertyReserve and eDollarPoint on a 50/50 ratio with the profits to be paid to LR accounts. No other explanations, just a vague notification.

The last days of the old year 2011, TopWallet (topwallet.net) posted the update concerning the potential of the program. The update said that despite holidays the 6-hour timeframe for payments would remain no matter what. The program remains working on regular schedule.

NewGNI (newgni.com) has posted the update regarding the latest additions on the website of the project. The update said about the SSL certificate installed and also regarding adding the appearance of the project in social networks on Facebook and Twitter.

Probusiness Funds
(probusinessfunds.com) has started the new plan, which is going to be valid till January 15. The new plan offers 2% daily for 60 days.

Global Trade Trust has added the new e-currency SolidTrustPay as payment option for deposits and withdrawals made by the members.

Webdollars (webdollars.net) offers suspicious bonuses to all the new deposits. 20% for Micro, Plan 25% - Mini Plan, 30% - Macro Plan, 35% - Major Plan and 45% - Mega Plan. According to the terms, these bonuses can be withdrawan directly to members' accounts and the campaign by Webdollars (webdollars.net) will last for one month from December 31 to January 31.

Good News. Forex Muto Ltd (fxmuto.com) is now having the paying status on most monitoring sites. However some are still listing it as scam. That is why, it can be partially good news, let's wait till things become clearer and then draw the final conclusions. No other good news this first Tuesday of the new year.

Closures. Hyper Compound (201 days), Arbs Web Ltd (123 days), Invest Core (56 days), Trust Investing (29 days), Speedy Gain (27 days), AFL Capital Investments Inc (22 days), Global Investment Assets (15 days), Aya Business (14 days), Best Bet Fund (14 days), Aspire Fund (12 days), EDV Mutual Investment (152 days), Safe-Trade (72 days), Babaco Trading (21 days), BizNet Finance (23 days), High Profit Solutions (23 days), Trust Investing (29 days), Alban Energy Ltd (30 days), ExpoFunds (41 days), Best Bet Fund (14 days).

HYIP Blogs. The HYIPInvestigation has posted the update regarding the promising 5 HYIP programs to look forward to in January 2012. If you want to watch the opinion of the admin of website regarding the most promising opportunities to earn online this month. The idea posted may be rather interesting for potential investors. If you want to see the details, check the following link The Private HYIP Monitor has posted the update regarding the number of subscribers they actually have. According to the information from Frank by December 30 the number of subscribers was 1732. Frank gives the New Year update on the growing community of online investors and the administration of The Private HYIP Blog during the next couple months. The full article is given following the link: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/12/30/1732-subscribers-later-where-are-we-at/

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