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From my own experience I can say that the design (including colors) ComexFund, as well as the approach to building plans (dates and income interests), is one of the most versatile and flexible. Of course, on the basis of these considerations, I made deposits and failed. Not all the "neat blue one" automatically worked enough for me to earn. But there were also legends among them that could recoup all the losses and, as it did not happen in the future, ComexFund associated primarily with such hopes.

Business "of tracing hard commodities" can offer investors a profit of 1.9% per day (calendar days) for the sum of $ 10. According to the official legend, trade is to buy "unprocessed Gold, Platinum, Silver and Palladium in bulk form through various mines around the world" and their re-sell.

Despite the size of the profit inherent in long-term programs, ComexFund offers a fairly short plans and this is perhaps the main feature of the project. Starter Fund returns invested capital after 10 days + 1.9% x10 calendar days (19% profit). Silver Fund will lock your deposit for period of 20 days and will give 2.1% daily. Gold Fund - 30 days / 2.3% daily. Platinum Fund - 40 days / 2.5%

Thus, the longer you allow the company to manage your money, the more profit you get. Despite the fact that it is the most logical way to increase the profitability of the deposit (I mean the period of deposit), it is not so common as it may seems.

Of course, we should not forget that the world of high yield investments - this is a very unpredictable world. In fact, it is a world of betting and some people called it the investment game. So do not relax. Even if the project does not offers a 8888% profit, it does not mean that it is "real", as investors like to say. Simply other conditions, other pros and cons, but it should be taken only with a sober assessment with the possibility of closing the next day. I hope it will not happen to you.

P.S. Note the fairly attractive referral program ComexFund, equal to 8% (!).


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