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LuxorAlliance (reviewed here ) informs about the first month of successful operation. The team of the project thanks everyone for support and updates...

LuxorAlliance (reviewed here) informs about the first month of successful operation. The team of the project thanks everyone for support and updates on most important features of LuxorAlliance. First of all, remember that this program is presented in social networks and you can always find fresh news on its additional sources of information such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Also note that you can get in touch with the projects representatives by phone from Monday to Friday 9AM - 5PM GMT. The phone number is +44 20 8144 7706. By the way, you have probably noticed that there is a special page on the website where you can find interviews, reviews, weekly news of LuxorAlliance and according to the latest newsletter, there will be a video soon. So check it out to see all the mentioned publications.

The administration of the project also answers some questions that are frequently asked by investors. The first one concerns instant payments, which will never be applied at LuxorAlliance for security reasons, so payouts will always be processed manually. Another question is about a referral program. Remember that only active members who have made a deposit are able to get referral commissions.

And the last update from LuxorAlliance for now should be interesting for everyone who is looking for extra ways of making money. You can earn up to $21 a week by voting on monitors (you should post your payment proofs) where the project is listed. Here are the requirements: your payment proof should be $5 minimum; you will get $3 a day for 20 votes on different monitors. In order to get paid you should provide the support department a report with your name stated on monitoring sites, as well as links to them. In case you have any questions, you should contact the marketing department:

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