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Mint is publishing the second official newsletter of their own. The project is gaining popularity and by the end of the second week of being online...

Mint is publishing the second official newsletter of their own. The project is gaining popularity and by the end of the second week of being online the admin claims to have 360 active members. Not a bad result, actually. The Mint is positioning itself more like a Revenue-Sharing advertisement company and not like an ordinary HYIP. To tell the truth the Matrix system, which is being popularized is different from all the referral programs offered by lots of HYIPs. And hence we can confirm Mint is different, at least from the affiliate point of view.

Speaking of Matrix, its essence and detailed explanation is also given in the second newsletter. We'll try to figure out the basic points about it. The ones who seem to be interested may contact Mint support for the details. So, Buddy Membership and Token principles have been described earlier and now it should be noticed that the real power of Matrix can be achieved when combining the Buddy Membership and the advanced Token. Actually it's all that simple, making 6 downlines you make $36. That's it! When you invest $10, you receive $36 once six (6) slots are filled. The slots can be taken by inviting friends or relatives. Some an offer the moneyback for joining as a downline and for filling up a slot. The system is actually mixed up. And more information on this you can get directly from Mint.

Here is some statistical information at your attention, which is related to Mint activity within last week. As it's been reported, there have been sold 85 new memberships, 2 new premium ads, 8 new banner ads and 1 text ad. Not too much, to tell the truth, however for the second week of running a business, not bad at all. New features are also announced within the latest newsletter, particularly, implementing around April 15. And ultimately, the spoiler alert is going to be launched on May 01, 2012.

The project is not presented in social networks, that is why seems logical that the admin is offering bonuses to those, who open up the group or a page in Facebook. Here is the bonus: one full month Free Membership for at least 100 likes and moderating the group with 200 AdCredits monthly, once the group reaches 1000 likes, the monthly payment is about to be increased to 5000 monthly.

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